How Office 365 Benefits Small Businesses

business owner using office 365 cloud

At TUCU, our goal is to provide technology solutions that make your business run better and help you sleep at night. One of the most popular services we offer growing businesses in the Toronto area is our Microsoft Office 365 consulting, set-up, and support. We’ve found that many small businesses would like to switch to…

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5 Tips For Small Business Data Security Improvements

digital lock indicating weak Data Security policy

If sensitive data plays any role in your small business, you need to protect it. Sensitive data can be email correspondence with a client, payment information, financial records, personal identification used to approve or secure services or loans, health related information, legal case file information and more.  With more advanced and complex IT systems constantly evolving,…

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Canadian Network Security Risk Statistics

text canadian network security risks with image of digital password being stolen

If you own a business, you almost certainly use technology every day. Aside from routine operations, technology is also utilized in various forms to communicate with clients and with other team members. If you are like most businesses, not all communication happens within the office. You probably use a combination of computers, tablets, and smartphones…

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Wi-Fi Issues and Security for Small Businesses

secure lock

IT Security Solutions for Small Businesses Is your small business having issues with Wi-Fi connection? Are you experiencing spotty service? Perhaps you still need to setup additional guest connections with restricted access. If any of this sounds familiar, our team at TUCU in Toronto, ON can help.  Unfortunately, potential Wi-Fi problems don’t end with an unreliable…

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Who Pays For Employee Computer Repairs & Support?

small business employee working on computer

Many small business owners allow employees to bring their own computers to work. This is known as BYOD. It’s also considered a computer security no-no and headache to manage and support. It gets even more complicated when computer repair or IT Support is needed and the question of who foots the bill comes into play.…

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