Your Cloud Storage Is Not Cloud Backup – Why You May Need Both

cloud storage versus cloud backup icons

As small business IT Consultants in Toronto, we take a lot of calls from small business owners looking for the right IT solutions to meet their needs. One common misconception is around cloud storage versus cloud backup. If your business is using OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox storage, you may have a false sense of…

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Cloud-Based vs In-House Servers For Small Business

server farm

There are two primary options for hosting data for businesses: in-house servers and cloud-based servers. Which option is right for your company? The answer to this question will be different for everyone and should be dependent on several factors. For example, do you have one office or several? What size is your business? Do you…

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How To Identify Phishing Emails – Tips For Small Business Teams

sample phishing email

The internet is a bit like the wild west, except instead of train and bank robbers we now have hackers who attempt to steal your information. The most popular way for these attackers to get control of your systems and companies’ information is through a method called “phishing”. These emails are designed to trick the…

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Ransomware Statistics In Canada – 2017 to 2018 Update

ransomware concept image

Canadian Ransomware Statistics Update Cybercrime is still going strong, and small business owners are suffering. Ransomware, created in 2013, is a new favourite among cybercriminals. This malicious software is designed to block access to a computer system, denying access to data until a sum of money is paid. For small business owners, it is not…

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Encrypted Email in Office 365 – How It Works and Who Needs It

email lock icon on keyboard depicting encrypted email.jpg

Sending an email is like sending a letter through Canada Post, without an envelope. It can be easily intercepted and read. For this reason, sensitive information should never be sent via email.  Email encryption is concealing information in email messages to avoid the contents being read by anyone except the intended recipients. Think of encrypted…

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How Office 365 Benefits Small Businesses

business owner using office 365 cloud

At TUCU, our goal is to provide technology solutions that make your business run better and help you sleep at night. One of the most popular services we offer growing businesses in the Toronto area is our Microsoft Office 365 consulting, set-up, and support. We’ve found that many small businesses would like to switch to…

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5 Tips For Small Business Data Security Improvements

digital lock indicating weak Data Security policy

If sensitive data plays any role in your small business, you need to protect it. Sensitive data can be email correspondence with a client, payment information, financial records, personal identification used to approve or secure services or loans, health related information, legal case file information and more.  With more advanced and complex IT systems constantly evolving,…

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