Password Security Talk with Investment Executive

We spoke with Leah Golob from Investment Executive about password security.  Here’s the summary of our conversation, and the resulting article. Why is creating a secure password so important these days? Assuming that it isn’t the online service itself being attacked and it is your account specifically: The complexity and length of a password determine […]

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Effective Spam Email With Subject Line: Reminder: Removing the Office 2016 version of Office 365

Spot The Microsoft Phishing Email Friends, please be ever more cautious and on guard for phishing emails.  Our client submitted a very effective spam email with the subject line Reminder: “Removing the Office 2016 version of Office 365 “.  See screenshot below and keep these tips in mind for spotting phishing emails. Notice how the from email […]

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Is Microsoft Office 365 Really PIPEDA compliant?

M asks: “I keep reading that Microsoft and their Office 365 services are PIPEDA compliant – but their own compliance page doesn’t indicate this… where do I see they are actually “in writing” compliant??” TUCU answers: “Hi M, Microsoft (or any other provider) can’t exactly be “in writing” compliant as the wording of PIPEDA puts […]

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Microsoft Rolls Out OneDrive Update And Users Like It

Great news for Office 365 subscribers and OneDrive users! Microsoft has rolled out it’s early release of OneDrive Files On Demand. OK, clunky name, but, it promises to eliminate the OneDrive sync issues many users have experienced when trying to sync their files stored in OneDrive in the cloud to their local computer. Early testers […]

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computer keyboard

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts – Keeping IT Simple

It does not take more than a keyboard, mouse or a touchpad to navigate through any computer operating system. However, doing it efficiently by saving mouse clicks is another story. Knowing some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts can improve your productivity at work each day.  Today, we’re talking about Microsoft’s newest operating system – Windows […]

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basic layers of network security for small business 2

3 Basic Layers Of Network Security For Small Business

Basic Network Security For Your Small Business There are 3 basic principles of network security – 3 basic layers to protecting your information, the lifeblood of your business. Whether you are in research and development, marketing, law or the nonprofit sector, getting these three things right will ensure you have the proper defenses in place […]

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What is PIPEDA? A Summary For Small Business

What is PIPEDA? PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) is a Canadian data privacy law that applies to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information in the course of a commercial activity.  Our team of Small Business IT Service Providers have put together a summary to guide you.  What information falls under […]

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Mobile Device Management in Office 365 & G Suite

Mobile Device Management in Office 365 & G Suite – Toronto, ON Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows your IT manager or IT support company to remotely troubleshoot mobile devices and to enforce IT security policies such as screen locks and strong passwords.  MDM also allows for separation of personal and company owned data on mobile devices, […]

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