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Say goodbye to techaches.

Techaches is a term we coined to describe the stress and frustration felt when technology doesn’t work as needed.

At TUCU (pronounced too-koo), we understand the critical nature of seamless and secure IT operations. We provide comprehensive tech support and innovative solutions to ensure that technology works for you, not against you, eliminating techaches and enhancing productivity.

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Discover the benefits of choosing TUCU for all of your IT Support needs

Local Experts
National Standards

Our team, located in Toronto, Durham Region, and PEC, not only brings local insight but also adheres to the highest national standards in IT support and security solutions.
Durham Region
Prince Edward County

Fast Response Commitment

We promise a 15-minute response time for critical IT issues, ensuring that your business operations continue smoothly with minimal downtime.
Fast, reliable IT Support
when you need it.

Custom-Tailored Tech Solutions

We understand that every business is unique, so we offer customized tech support plans tailored to meet your specific technology challenges.
Basics + Hourly Support
Cybersecurity Solutions
Ordering New Computers
Onboarding New Staff
Compliance Management Support

100% Canadian Owned and Privately Held

TUCU is proudly Canadian owned and operated, enabling us to make swift, client-focused decisions without external pressures.
IT experts at the helm.
Driven by solving IT problems for small business owners like us.

Collaboration & Transparency

We use a shared documentation model to keep you informed and in control, fostering collaboration and a unified vision for your IT strategy.
With TUCU, you own your IT systems.
We help you protect and manage them.

Visibility & Organized IT

See your IT sytems with live lists of your users, devices, installed software, tickets, alerts and more.
End the chaos and take back control with organized, documented IT systems and standardized processes.

Tech U Can Use

Since our inception in 2003, TUCU has been the go-to source for all technology needs for small businesses in Toronto and area. From troubleshooting computer issues to supporting IT networks and ensuring robust cloud security across Mac and PC platforms, we cover it all.

We are proud to be 100% privately held, owned, and operated in Canada. Our dedicated team, based locally in Toronto, Durham Region, and PEC, is committed to delivering expert, friendly service tailored to your needs.

Trust us to keep your technology running smoothly so you can focus on what you do best.

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Meet your support team.

We fix techaches and make people happy.

We keep evolving to help you with IT.


Adam Thorn left corporate IT (where he worked in Network Security at HP Canada and CIBC) and set out as a freelance IT Consultant to help small businesses with network security.


Adam hired a technician and expanded into Durham Region, and began offering bundled Network Management Services for his clients, to reduce break and fix cycles, downtime and expensive emergency outages.


Ransomware began circulating. Zoe Tsoraklidis joined TUCU with a focus on creating fully Managed IT Services to combat emerging cyber threats and help clients with IT Security needs.


Adam partnered with Zoe to ensure TUCU stays on mission.

We incorporated and TUCU became TUCU Managed IT Services Inc.


TUCU is a top rated IT Company in Toronto that specializes in IT security management for small business. 

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