IT Management Costs

Your needs are unique. We use the guides below as starting points to tailor your IT management strategy to your business, without pigeonholing you into a “package”. 

Professional Monitoring


per workstation

Includes alert monitoring, RMM tools, patching and managed antivirus software. 

All support services delivered at standard rate.

CyberSecurity Suite


per workstation

Includes a powerful cybersecurity suite of tools, fully managed by TUCU to protect every workstation.

See your IT systems with live IT inventory, IT planning tools, “how do I” self help library, training videos, cyber security training course and more.

All support services delivered at a VIP hourly rate.

Fully Managed IT


to create your plan

If your organization is living that compliance life, and your vocabulary includes phrases such as Data Protection, DLP, Encryption, User Authentication, Cloud Security, IT Governance, Risk & Compliance, TUCU can help.

Let’s create a Fully Managed IT Security & Services plan for your specific needs. All support services are included.

IT Project Pricing

To formulate a plan for you, we first want to understand your needs.

IT projects can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 +, depending on the variables at play.

For example, do you have 9 accounts to migrate to the cloud, or 52?

If your computers are all running Windows Home, but the IT security tools you need require Windows Professional, then your project will need to include operating system upgrade time + the cost of new licenses.

Your project is unique, so let’s talk about it. We are here to help you.

Take your IT to the next level with TUCU.

With outsourced IT Management services, we will help you align with best practices to:

  • protect data
  • meet compliance
  • reduce risk, loss, breach
  • support your team
  • maximize your technology
  • work with a trusted IT partner
  • outpace your competition
  • grow your business

IT management services can be transformational for your team.

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