Why Are My VoIP Calls Cutting Out?


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In this post we cover a VoIP related Q&A from a client.

My VoIP Connection Is No Longer Stable. My ISP Says It's Not Their Fault.

Dear Adam,

We're having problems with our VoIP calls cutting out.  The phone system connection is not stable, clear or reliable anymore.  Our VoIP calls are choppy. This started in the last few weeks after we hired a few new employees.  I've been on the phone with our internet service provider for half an hour today, and also for some time last week, and they say the problem is not theirs. I don't know what to do but we can't work like this. Can you help?

Choppy Caller

Dear Choppy Caller,

Re: VoIP Calls Cutting Out

internet pipe size concept depicted by straws of various widthNo, the problem is not theirs. The problem is that of throughput.

Think of it like this. You have to drain your pool. So you transfer the water from one vessel to another (from the pool to the sewer in the street.) You do this through a garden hose. It drains reasonably for the job.  Now imagine that you try to drain your pool through a drinking straw. How much slower would that be?

The water in your pool is like your voice data, and you are trying to send that data to another vessel, the VoIP provider.

The hose you are using is your internet connection, and in your case, it is a drinking straw, because you are using a light internet package.

The more staff you hire, the more voice data they have to send and receive through a drinking straw, and that means slow throughput resulting in choppy calls.

We need to upgrade your drinking straw to a hose so that the water (voice data) drains faster (better throughput) and the calls are clear.

TUCU offers business VoIP installation services in Toronto, as well as a full range of IT support services.  Please contact us for more information.  We're here to help.

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