Work From Home Solutions for Coronavirus Management

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If you are still struggling to get your staff ‘Work From Home (WFH)’ ready, we can help. Coronavirus has hit many businesses hard, and as businesses are scrambling to create secure work from home solutions, our team at TUCU is all hands on deck to make that happen for you.

Secure work from home solutions are not as simple as using gotomyPC or Team Viewer (Please don’t use Teamviewer, they were hacked twice last year and are still not sure if they’ve purged the attackers from root access to every station in their network).

Online communities for IT professionals are full of questions as IT professionals across the globe face unprecedented demand to not only deliver but simultaneously educate why solution A, B, and C put your company at risk, and why solution D is the right way to handle work from home so that coronavirus remains the only virus you need to deal with.  No matter which solution you choose to implement, it’s wise to get an Acceptable Use Policy (free template here), signed from every employee.

Attackers are not going to take a break from their jobs; they already work in isolation. You cannot lessen security ‘just for a while’ until this blows over. They are waiting for that opportunity. We’ve already seen countless phishing schemes directed at work from home employees. You must approach this from a long-term perspective as it may be a year before a vaccine is created. You need to put the proper solutions in place to make sure your business can survive WFH long term.

Since about 30% of businesses do not have a trusted IT partner to turn to during emergency, we want to let you know that we offer free consultations and can help you setup secure work from home solutions for your team.

As a Certified Cloud Solutions provider, we can build your private cloud infrastructure or help you setup and use Azure Cloud Services for Identity and Access Management with either a Microsoft 365 setup or Google Cloud Services. This work can be performed remotely. The result will be a secure remote work solution for business that meets best practices in IT Security.

If you need IT support for anything, our team is available. We can truly work from anywhere. If you want this for your business, please drop us a line. We’ll be happy to help your business practice social distancing securely and at scale.

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