Work From Home Security Solutions

Work From Home Security Solutions


When it comes to IT security, especially work from home security, practice prevention. It’s cost effective, less stressful, less disruptive to business, and the only reporting involved is the good kind.

Some people will avoid IT Security at all costs. In our line of work, we see this all too often. While we can’t change everyone’s mind, we are committed to assisting small and medium businesses who are ready to improve their IT security solutions.

IT security is not a set and forget type of thing.

The world has changed, and IT requires continuous care.

Are you dragging your heels when it comes to IT Security? Why? What’s holding you back from protecting your data and your business? If you are ready to let go of what is holding you back and putting you at risk, we will help you update your IT systems.

We know that small and medium business don’t have IT departments, but still need comprehensive IT security and management to stay on top of today’s complex cyber landscape. That’s why Managed IT Services make sense for small business.

A Managed IT Services provider serves as an IT department for small organizations. They will initially assess your needs (perform an IT GAP analysis), make recommendations to upgrade your systems and security, and then take over the day to day management of your cloud and IT networks. They also often provide remote help desk tech support for your staff. They may or may not include on site services as well. All the services are bundled together using professional IT management tools by a team of technicians and give you the support you need without having to create your own IT department.

Here at TUCU, we offer Managed Services with a focus on remote teams and secure work from home solutions. We offer The Managed Advantage plan for small business. It is a cost-effective IT strategy that allows you to:

  • control who connects to company to data (User & Identity Access Management)
  • control devices that connect to company accounts (Mobile Device Management)
  • enable secure work from home solutions for staff (Azure Active Directory in the cloud)
  • setup new employees with computers and phone lines, email and apps, remotely (InTune, VOIP, Office 365 / G Suite & MSP services)
  • order new computers direct from trusted manufacturers such as Dell, HP and Lenovo – preconfigured with your company security settings – all taken care of by TUCU, your Managed Services Provider using InTune and Microsoft technologies
  • provide unlimited tech support to your team via your own helpdesk services offered by TUCU
  • monitor your systems 24/7, proactively fix problems, and enjoy peace of mind

In essence, once you are setup and, on our plan, it’s hands off for you. We perform daily, weekly and monthly security checks, patches and back up tests. If your team needs tech help, they call us. If you need to hire and setup a new remote employee in Toronto, Whitby, Timbuktu, or some other neighboring suburb or distant city, we will get them set up with company email, a computer and all the apps they need, a VoIP phone extension and all IT systems. All the while, you can focus on your clients and your bottom line.

Need help in Toronto & Durham Region? If you’d like help implementing secure remote work solutions for your business, get in touch with the cloud experts at TUCU Managed IT Services Inc, one of Toronto’s top-rated cloud consultants and support providers, including Microsoft Consulting ServicesAzure Consulting Services and Google Cloud services. We offer complete IT management services and cloud management. Let’s talk!

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