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Why Your Business Needs A Backup Internet Connection

A backup internet connection is essential to keeping your business running when your primary internet connection goes down.  Fail over connections are simple to understand.  Your primary connection is with Provider X.  Your back up would be with provider Y.  If one ISP goes down, the other kicks in.

The Benefit Of A Fail Over Internet Connection

We can’t count how often a business owner has called us in a state of heightened frustration and frenzy.  Picture it.  Your internet connection goes down and suddenly, you have an office full of bodies with little work to do.  Desperate to reconnect, you are reluctant to accept the reality; nothing can be done until your ISP gets back up and running.  A fail over internet connection could have kept your team working.

Granted, these outages don’t happen daily, nor do they usually last for more than a few hours, but in business, the cost of disconnection is high.  Your business is dependent on internet access, so don’t leave yourself vulnerable.  Even a few hours of downtime could account for thousands of dollars in losses (opportunities, customers, reputation, etc.). You have to ensure that your business never has a broken connection. The price of a light backup internet connection will pale in comparison to the cost of a single outage.

Keep Sales Up Even When Your Internet Connection Goes Down

Having a backup internet connection will ensure that customers don’t even notice when your primary internet connection goes down. Keep the orders flowing and the customers happy. Keep the data moving.  Your redundant internet connection will give your network an instant, affordable, alternate path to the internet so your team can keep working if your primary ISP goes down.  This allows your business to:

  • Keep working
  • Keep serving paying clients
  • Keep providing positive customer service experiences (clients don’t care why you can’t help them, they only know how they feel when you can’t help them) , so safeguard your business against pricey interruptions
  • Maintain an internet connection for private data, and voice networks when your primary Internet connection is not available
  • Maintain reliable connections/operations for  your  branch offices, warehouses, retail stores, etc

T1 Lines Are Not The Solution; They Are Vulnerable To Outages Too

Even upgrading to a T1 line is not foolproof, and it has a significantly higher price. A T1 is an option, of course, but it is still possible to experience outages and service disruptions (downed telephone lines, thunderstorms, cable cuts associated with construction, etc.).

Having an always-on internet connection is extremely important to your business and a fail over connection is the most reliable way to ensure that.

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