hotel room with WiFi

Hotel WiFi… Are You Losing Guests?

One of our Facebook friends posted this on his wall today.

“Dear hotels,

If you can’t offer free wifi, you might as well advertise you have bedbugs.


WiFi is almost a basic need. Because we all want WiFi. Everywhere. Always.  And hotel guests expect WiFi.  If your facility isn’t competitive and up to date enough to offer WiFi, you leave potential customers wondering about what else may be lacking at your property.

Every Hotel Should Have WiFi By Now

You are in the business of hospitality.  In this day and age, where we all want to be connected, all the time, not having WiFi in your hotel is almost rude.  And when visitors are booking online and searching for the features they want, WiFi is top of the list.  if you don’t have it, you are left off their short list.  Get more eyeballs on your listings by offering the services they want, including hotel WiFi.

How Does Our Hotel WiFi Installation Work?

This system is easy to deploy.  We map out your desired coverage area.  We determine the best installation points on your property to limit interference and get the best signal.  Using cloud based access point which can be installed both indoors and outdoors (think hotel rooms, business centre and poolside), we build a mesh of access points to give you signal strength everywhere.  Unlike other less stable solutions like a wifi extender or signal repeater, mesh WiFi doesn’t just repeat your signal from one point to another, getting weaker with each extender.  Instead, every access point communicates will all the others on your network.  You get strong signal everywhere you need it and you can keep your guests connected and happy.

You will need one hard line coming in, and we can weave from there.  The access points limit drilling and other cabling challenges as well, which also lowers your total cost of hotel WiFI installation.  In fact, mesh WiFi is so affordable that it is feasible for residential installation for larger homes with spotty WiFi.

Mesh WiFi Payment Systems

With this system, you can opt for a log on or splash page for your users.  You can offer pay per use with PayPal integration or via printed vouchers, or you can offer free WiFi to your hotel guests, or a combination of both.  You can charge a small daily use fee to regular hotel guests and print free WiFi vouchers for VIP and upgraded guests.

Mesh WiFi User Control

Bandwidth Control: You can limit the bandwidth per user to give all suers fair access without any one user streaming large files and eating up the available bandwidth, making for complaints from other hotel guests.  Keep everyone happy with bandwidth control on your WiFi network.

Private / Public Network Access:  Privacy concerns are addressed by creating a private and public side to your mesh WiFi network.  If you don’t want to separate internet connections, you can keep your staff and guests separated on your network, so you don’t have to worry about guests accessing private company data.

Mesh WiFi Network Health

You can view your cloud enabled mesh WiFi network from anywhere in the world.

And you can relax, knowing that if an access point goes down, it will auto reboot and rejoin the network.

If you have a complete power failure at one of your hotel locations and the entire network goes down, you will be notified by email alert.  You can manually reboot the modem once power is restored and your network will come back to life.

With all these great features and an ultra low cost compared to other WiFi solutions, it’s no wonder hotels worldwide are having mesh WiFi installed.  A large US based installer says:

“We installed several hundred hotels through Canada and the U.S.. The Meraki units worked, but due to higher pricing, lower reliability and certain missing features in their cloud controller, we switched … The results have far surpassed our expectations.”

So the only question now is why aren’t you offering WiFi in your hotel?

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