Toronto Business WiFi Solutions

Spotty WiFi? Need to extend WiFi signal?

Forget WiFi extenders. They don’t work very well. You can end the frustration caused by limited router range with our commercial WiFi installation services. We can fix spotty WiFi or extend WiFi signal across your office, warehouse or board room. Get WiFi where you need it, with TUCU.

Let's Compare

WiFi Repeaters

WiFi signal strength drops with each link in the daisy chain.

Diagram shows how WiFi Repeaters Drop Signal

Business WiFi Solution

WiFi signal creates a solid signal blanketing the desired area.

Diagram of a Full Signal Strength WiFi Solution

Starting from ~$2100, installed, equipment included.

A Good WiFi Solution To...

Fix Spotty WiFi

Maintain strong WiFi signal with the right WiFi access points which all simultaneously speak to one another, weaving WiFi signal across your desired coverage area. Unlike extenders, if one access point goes down, your signal isn’t lost because the other units can still communicate, and the fallen access point will auto reboot and rejoin the network.

Extend WiFi Signal

Unlike residential solutions that tap out at 4500 feet, our commercial grade solution can span any office, warehouse or space - to 10,000 square feet or more. For best results in large areas, we recommend hard wired access points throughout. You can use your cable installer or ask us to include wiring costs.

Provide Secure Guest WiFi

Improve WiFi security with Guest WiFi. We can setup optional guest WiFi so that you have one private side of your network for employees & authorized users with file access, and one public side for visiting guests in your boardroom or waiting room.

Single Password WiFi

Some WiFi workarounds have you logging in to multiple WiFi networks as you move through your space. The result? You are slowed down and annoyed. With our commercial grade WiFi solution you can access your entire network with a single log in credential. That’s better WiFi.

Starting from ~$2100, installed, equipment included.

By the way, the money we spent with your company might be the best ever for us. I don’t think we’ve had more than maybe 2 very temporary local outages since the install. Pretty incredible!

Business WiFi Installation In Toronto

You decide which parts of your office you want to blanket with WiFi signal. We’ll plan the rest.

To create a stable WiFi network, you need one access point for every 1,000 square feet of coverage.

Access points must be hard wired, so some cable installation is required.

Your new WiFi network will allow you to...

  • extend WiFi signal to where you need it – and beyond the 4,500 square foot limit of other systems
  • work around WiFi signal blocking concrete, steel or plaster obstacles
  • have a private and a public side to your network to protect your files from guest users and unsecured BYOD devices
  • enjoy optional features like user restrictions, bandwidth control & more

All equipment is under manufacturer’s warranty for 1 year.

You can rely on our professional technicians, serving Toronto since 2003.

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Starting from ~$2100, installed, equipment included.


Very professional and prompt service. I would have no hesitation in recommending TUCU to others looking for a Wifi solution.

Get better WiFi.

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