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WiFi access points plotted for large home in Toronto

Spotty WiFi? Forget A WiFi Booster...

Does your wireless router leave you frustrated with weak or dropped signals? Have you tried a new router, or a signal booster with no fix to the problem? Even an internet speed upgrade didn't fix the issue?  Well, boosters are very limited in what they can do. And wireless routers can only transmit their signal so far.  The further you are from your router, the weaker and more inconsistent the WiFi signal is. A mesh WiFi network can fix all of that, better than any WiFi booster.

End The WiFi Dead Zone In Your Home

Instead of relaying an internet signal from one point to the next consecutive point in a chain, (for example, from your router in the basement, to your laptop 2 stories up) you can get multiple network access points which will work together to create a mesh of WiFi signal strength everywhere.

In a chain, any point the signal is lost at means no signal is available after that break point. In a mesh, if a signal breaks at one point, the signal continues to bounce across the mesh.

Chains will fail you.  You need a mesh WiFI network - this blanket of WiFI signal is the best large home WiFi solution.

We can install access points to work around concrete or steel signal blockers.

You can even extend your WiFi to the backyard, pool or garage.

And best of all, you don't have to enter multiple user names and passwords - your entire WiFi network will have a single user name and password so you can travel from the basement to the bedroom or the kitchen to the backyard and stay connected.

Optional Features

Control Bandwidth Option
Kids using up all the bandwidth? Or staying up after bedtime on the internet? With your new mesh WiFi network you can control the bandwidth for each user on your network, so kids can get online, but you can limit their bandwidth, or boot them off at a certain time of day, like 10:00pm on a school night.

Pay Per Use Option For Teenagers
Do the kids just expect internet? Would you like to give them a lesson in budgeting or gratitude? You can have the kids pay you a few dollars per month for a monthly voucher for internet access at home. After all, what are allowances for?

Perfect For Home, The Backyard, & The Cottage
WiFi Access PointsWith both indoor and outdoor access points available, a mesh network can really cover any area you can think of. From the basement router to the backyard pool, or from the cottage router to the lakeside Muskoka chairs, you’ve got signal.

Whole Home WiFi Installation Services

You decide which parts of your home, garage, backyard or poolside area you want to have internet access at. We install and program wireless access points to cover the square footage you want to include in your new WiFi network.  You will need a minimum of 4 units to create a mesh and approximately 1 unit for every 1,000 square feet thereafter.

Installation is fast and only takes a few hours.

All equipment is under manufacturer's warranty for 1 year.

You can rely on our professional technicians, serving Toronto since 2003.

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