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Fully managed WiFi solutions for big offices, spotty signal, and lots of users + fully managed IT security services = easy breezy work days for your entire team.

Business WiFi Management

Your team runs on WiFi so it’s important to have a strong signal where you need it.  You understand the importance of WiFi and network security and you are more than ready to outsource all your technology management to a skilled team of professionals.

We’ve got you covered.

All our WiFi services are paired with IT management services so you never have to worry about your technology Work with TUCU for:

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We have your email, network, WiFi, cloud and IT security management covered.

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“Totally professional and knowledgeable. Intend to make them the “go-to” suppliers for our IT problems. Highly recommend this group.”

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Your WiFi Setup

If your office WiFi setup isn’t done correctly, you may end up with no signal in the desk area, and strong signal in the hall closet or break room. To get WiFi signal where you need it, start with the right plan and placement by a professional network support company.

Router Issues

Take a look at this diagram of a typical router placement in an office. See how only some team members have WiFi signal?

Diagram of spotty wifi with router only

WiFi Access Points

With business WiFi access points, we create a solid WiFi signal blanketing the desired area. You enjoy secure, stable WiFi.

Diagram of WiFi solution showing good Wifi signal with access points

Common WiFi Issues

Your modem/router can only push a WiFi signal 10-300 feet or so, depending on the model.

In the past, WiFi repeaters were the only solution, but they simply don’t work very well. Mesh WiFi systems can be very effective for smaller homes and offices with basic needs.

Truly commercial WiFi products, designed for business WiFi use are the best choice. They do require cabling to be put in place for each WiFi access point, which adds to the total WiFi installation cost, however the cost is recouped on investment as this WiFi solution delivers night and day performance.

With properly cabled and programmed WiFi, you can have signal everywhere, and also run voice and data traffic on your network – which means you and your team can make calls, check email, stream videos, upload files and more – all on WiFi.

The diagrams above show how a typical single router affects your business. Team members outside your modem’s radius will either have intermittent WiFi service or no service at all. And if any one user in the radius is hogging the WiFi, they will choke out all other users, unless you have user restriction programming in place.

Other WiFi Problems

Your ISP & Router Replacement Is Not A WiFi Solution

Many business owners call their Internet Service Provider when their WiFi isn’t working as expected. The ISP suggests replacing the router. This fixes nothing. The reason? Routers can only push signal a few hundred feet. The router is not the problem.

Most often, the problem is the signal beyond the router, and the traffic on the network. Your ISP has fulfilled their obligation to you if you receive internet signal to your business. WiFi networking is not the responsibility of your ISP but that of your IT networking company. You need proper networking, commercial WiFi equipment, more cable runs, and Quality Of Service Programming.

If internet & WiFi is critical to your business, then you may also wish to consider a fail over connection with a secondary ISP to provide at least basic WiFi should your primary provider have an outage.

Internet Is Too Slow For WiFi

If you can, opt for fibre internet. If that is not an option, order the highest speed internet package your ISP offers. The size of your internet pipe contributes to how much traffic can be on your pipe at any given time. For multiple people to work on WiFi or the web simultaneously, a fast internet connection is required.

Too Much WiFi Traffic

The most common WiFi issue is that you are simply trying to do too much on your network. For best performance, you need Quality Of Service programming to direct traffic on your network.

Building Interfering WiFi Signal

Concrete walls, steel structures and electrical interference can all block or interrupt your WiFi signal. This can be easily solved with hardware planning: where pieces should be placed to optimize the experience.

Residential Equipment In The Office

Residential equipment was not designed to meet the demands of commercial WiFi loads. It also can’t be programmed to route and prioritize voice or data traffic on your network. Keep the residential stuff at home. Use powerful, commercial grade WiFi hardware in the office.

Wrong WiFi Configuration

Poor initial setup or inadequate hardware can lead to problems like NAT loops, printer and device connectivity issues, and spotty WiFi signals. This can all be addressed up front with a proper plan.

No WiFi Security

WiFi by nature is insecure. And if you don’t have guest WiFi, or if it’s not set up with a partition, those WiFi thieves will slow you down or compromise your data. Optimized security protocols can eliminate these concerns.

Fix Spotty WiFi & Extend WiFi In Your Office

WiFi is a must have for your business and that’s why we will plan your WiFi setup right.  TUCU will assess your needs, guide your WiFi hardware purchases, install your WiFi access points and any other network equipment you need (switches, firewalls, servers, VoIP phone systems) and make everything work for you.

Cost Of Business WiFi Solutions

Bix box routers and repeaters are a waste of money.

The cost of business WiFi solutions make sense because they deliver secure, stable WiFi for business use.

Your WiFi quote is based on the size of your space, and how many access points will be needed to create a strong WiFi signal for you.

All access points should be hard wired for performance, and this must be factored in if no structured cabling currently exists.

Your solution can be anywhere from $600-$6,000 or more. Contact us now to get your WiFi and IT setup and management quote.


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