Why Us?

The search for good IT support in Toronto can be daunting.

End your search here. Scroll to see why TUCU's IT Services make sense.


We don't sell equipment.

We view it as a conflict of interest.

You need a trusted IT Advisor.  That’s what you’ll get with TUCU.

We are vendor neutral. We will help you find the right solutions for your business, and we'll setup everything to make it work for you.

We're not salespeople.

We're not the best salespeople. We admit it.

It's because we're problem solvers and technologists at heart. The skills are different.

While we may not have a slick pitch deck or lines to overcome objections, we will listen to your IT issues, ask questions to understand the whole picture, and suggest solutions that meet your needs.

If we didn't "sell you" hard enough or paint a picture of your amazing life after hiring our team, it's because we're only focused on solving your IT problems. It's not as sexy. It's just what you need.

We only do small.

We're not trying to become the next colocation center or regional operator.

We are listed as a top 3 small business IT services provider in Toronto. We’re proud of that. Our goal is to consistently meet that standard and expectation.

We aim to stay a lean, responsive, great IT Support company for small business to lean on.

We stay sharp on all the tech you need to manage your users, accounts and data security as you grow from your first hire to a huge team. You never have to be your own Virtual CIO.

We love technology. And we love small business.

We've got your back.

Cyber threats are real.

The risks demand attention and expert IT management.

A strong, secure IT setup with ongoing support will help your business flourish. Partner with us - a leading IT services provider in Toronto - to instantly add IT experts to your team to keep your business running smoothly.

Our pain free promise.

Did something recur after our service call? Simply inform us within 3 days and we will make it right. Guaranteed. Why only 3 days? Because if something didn't take, you'll know right away.

Or, choose Managed IT Services for unlimited tech support for your business.

No matter which path you choose, you can trust in our countless reviews and client testimonials.

Are we a match?

You need help with a single computer.

Hourly IT services are perfect for you.

Any issue pertaining to 1-2 computers or devices, that does not need complex planning, purchasing etc, and can be resolved within 1-3 hours of remote or on site support is a perfect match here.

You need help with an IT change or upgrade.

IT Project services are perfect for you.

Projects involve multiple computers or accounts.

Projects are narrow in scope, so the variables can be accurately anticipated and factored in.

Projects services are perfect for a switch to Office 365 or to G Suite, a Microsoft Secure Score assessment, a firewall setup or WiFi network installation, setting up Azure Active Directory, or other single focus projects.

Have something in mind? Let's talk.

You need help understanding your IT needs.

IT Consulting services are perfect for you.

IT Consulting involves multiple computers or accounts.

Multiple systems or processes are involved and the scope of work is wide.

Ongoing emails, phone calls, visits or services are required to complete the work.

IT Consulting is ideal for a new business startup, an existing business IT Security and Needs Assessment, and for any business that needs to adopt IT security practices to win clients and grow.

You need ongoing IT management.

When hiring a full time, educated and experienced IT employee is not in the budget, smart SMB's don't DIY. They outsource.

If you have an office and physical network, Managed IT Services are the right choice.

If your team is 100% remote and mobile, working in the cloud, Managed Cloud Services are the best fit for you.

If you have a server or network you think you can replace with the cloud, we can take care of your transition for you. Let's talk.

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