What We Do

IT Support & Security for Growing Business

We’re a cloud first IT support for small business company, and we practice what we preach.

That means we use 100% remote work solutions that meet zero trust security principles and NIST compliance framework. We’re forward thinking, agile, mobile, secure - and we can do that for you too. Here's a summary of what we do.

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Projects & Changes

Setup or switch email services? Upgrade or virtualize your server? Fix the spotty WiFi across the office, or just upgrade a single computer.

Our IT consultants and technicians will plan and perform your IT projects from start to finish. You just say what and when. We're ready to go.

Fully Managed Security & Support

Total care & support including:

  • device management
  • cyber security
  • email & data security
  • ransomware protection
  • help desk services

Get 24/7 monitoring and IT management with help desk services for your entire team.

Managed IT services offer a cost effective solution for modern technology management.

Secure devices - why you need them now.

Today, most cyber threats are automated. They target any business - big or small. Did you know that the near daily software and operating system updates most people ignore are critical to computer security and protecting you from automated cyber threats?

Are you ignoring these important updates? Are your staff?

We automate these updates to keep your devices safe. And that's just the beginning.

Identity & Access - do you know who is trying to log in?

When staff are allowed to use personal computers to log in to work email or documents, you have no security.

You should control every device that touches your company data. Identity & Mobile Access Management solutions help you take back control.

With a master control account, you define which accounts and devices are allowed to connect. All others are denied.

Identity solutions reduce risk of account hacks, data breaches and more - and are standard today.

Let's get you back in control.

Access control to protect your business.

Conditional access, Privileged Access, Just In Time access - these technology terms are named after the tools and processes you need to control access to company data on a need to know basis.

Not only does this limit risk of accidental data loss and the more common than you think internal sabotage, but it also helps minimize damage in the event of a cyber attack or ransomware infection.

To do business with national level clients, you will need to demonstrate access control and visibility into access logs. We will help you do that.

Protect your data & meet client expectations with data security systems and support from TUCU.

Remote work solutions that are secure.

It's simply not secure to allow staff to use VPN's or personal devices to work remotely. It protects them - but not your business.

Mobility & remote work is easy to achieve with small business tools and solutions such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager or Windows Virtual Desktop.

The right setup protects you and gives you the power to securely onboard and offboard staff - and revoke all access rights - with just a few clicks.

The alternative is unmitigated risk and liability. Choose secure remote work and have TUCU set you up the right way.

Automations for smooth workflows.

Need to have a new staff member setup? Skip the clunky processes and get automated.

With Microsoft AutoPilot or Windows Virtual Desktops, new staff are setup in a few clicks - computers, software, email, document access, and VoIP extensions by TUCU - ready to go.

With Single Sign On solutions, your staff can move from their inbox to their common applications with passwordless access. Less friction. More focus.

You can have it all with better technology & help from TUCU.

Data security & loss prevention.

Every business today needs some level of data security and digital loss prevention to protect data, meet today’s business standards, pass partner and vendor security screenings, and avoid headaches.

It can be as simple as company wide policies that sense and stop staff from accidentally emailing out credit card numbers or other sensitive information, to advanced DLP such as sensitivity labels that can classify documents, and optionally encrypt, block or apply other policies to them.

Our clients pass compliance checks and screenings and win more business with better tech & support from team TUCU.

Risk, compliance & audits - meet every expectation.

Your industry or clients may require you to meet IT compliance standards. We help you meet every expectation.

Whether you are facing a formal audit, need to pass a partner screening, or maintain industry compliance, we ensure you rise to the occasion.

PIPEDA, NIST, SOC2, ISO and more, we perform the technical work you need to pass all checks. You and your auditors will be pleased.

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IT Consultants

As your Toronto IT consultants, we offer guidance, insight, strategic IT solutions & end to end support.

Cloud Solutions

We help you assess and setup secure cloud solutions that make sense for your business, and manage it all for you.

Cyber Security

Safeguard your business from cyber threats. Our IT security consultants will apply best practices to protect you.

Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services offer your business better security, reliability, and performance of your technology.