VoIP Phone System Recommendations For Small Business

We are not salespeople.  We are tech advisors and implementors.  So when you come to us for VoIP phone systems, we help you buy the phones you want from a reliable supplier, and then we make everything work for you.

You own your phones.

You're not in a 3 year contract.

And you call for phone or tech support if you need it.

Simple, right?

Learn more about our VoIP small business phone system installations or scroll down to check out our staff picks for best value in VoIP phone systems phones.

Polycom IP 335 VoIP Phone for small business

Staff Picks

Best Value -Polycom IP 335 VoIP Phone

2 Line VoIP Phone For Small Business

The Polycom IP 335 VoIP Phone is our staff pick for best value. This little workhorse is perfect for most common business phone needs and feature requests. It's excellent entry level price and clear call quality makes it perfect for the new business or growing business minding their budget. Contact TUCU for a free estimate. 

photo of Polycom Soundpoint 650 VoIP Phone for small business

Easy To Use Receptionist Phone, Polycom Soundpoint 650

Call Routing Made Easy

Need more than just 2 lines? Need a team member to take, route or park calls? The Soundpoint 650 makes the most common features easy to use, and doesn't frustrate with the complexity of unwanted features. Affordable and sturdy with clear call quality, this is a highly recommend VoIP phone for business use. Contact TUCU for a free estimate. 

photo of Polycom IP 650 Expansion Module

For Growth - Polycom IP 650 Expansion Module

For The Growing Business

ThePolycom Soundpoint 650 receptionist phone can be expanded with up to 3 expansion modules, perfect for the growing business. Contact TUCU for a free estimate. 

x-lite softphone for small business

For SoftPhone - Polycom IP 335

A Phone On Your Mac Or PC

Here at TUCU, we have used various soft phones including Blink, Zoiper and X-Lite. A soft phone is a program that can connect to your SIP, IP or VoIP phone system. You can use a soft phone to replace your desk phone, or work with it. Our business coordinator has a desk phone at her main desk, and a soft phone installed on her laptop, as she often works outside the office. Contact TUCU for a free estimate. 

VoIP For Business Costs

We use VoIP here at TUCU. In fact, the Polycom IP 600 sits on our reception desk. Our team uses softphones on their computers and extensions that ring to their cellphones, because we are a mobile team.  We are a small business using VoIP technology, and we love the reliability, flexibility and cost savings. We think you will love it too.

  • A virtual phone server costs as little as $5/month.
  • Lines are just $2.50/month.
  • Usage is just $0.02/minute to anywhere in North America.
  • Over 20 calling features, FREE

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