Small Business VoIP Phone System Installations in Toronto

Since 2003, we have been specializing in IT, voice & data solutions for small business with up to 50 employees.

We offer VoIP Phone System Installation in Toronto. 

Own your phones. We are not salespeople.  We are technology advisors and implementers.  So when you come to us for a VoIP phone system installation, we'll help you buy phones that will meet your needs, direct from a reliable supplier, with absolutely no mark up. We will not sell you phones.

Pay less & skip the contracts. You will own your phones outright.  You will pay for lines and usage each month.  You will not pay user fees, rental fees or "admin" fees.  You will not be locked in to any contract.  Your up front cost may be higher, but your total ownership and monthly use fees will be lower.  That's smart.

Once we've helped you buy your phones, we'll perform your phone system installation and make everything work for you.   And you can call for phone or tech support if you need it.  Simple, right?


Switch to VoIP & Save

We use VoIP here at TUCU and we think you will enjoy the endless features and cost savings a VoIP phone system can offer you.

  • A virtual phone server costs as little as $5/month.
  • Lines are just $2.50/month.
  • Usage is just $0.01/minute to anywhere in North America.
  • Over 15 calling features, FREE
  • Initial phone system installation cost is similar to a traditional business phone system, and then you get the benefit of big savings for the life of your business
  • VoIP for business and Quality Of Service router program ensures a clear call


As the owner of a small business, my time and money are both of great worth to me. Because of that I am very careful of who I work with to maximize my time and provide the greatest cost benefit. Hands down I choose the entire team at TUCU for all of my IT services. I have found them to be extremely efficient, knowledgeable and true to their word. They make my life easier and less stressful so I can focus on my business instead of technical issues.

It has become very apparent to me that they are choosing to help me as much as possible rather than sell me hardware or other solutions. Their concern for my bottom line leaves me feeling like we’re working for the same team. Thanks TUCU!

Get Your VoIP Phone System Installed Already!

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