VoIP Phones Features And Installation in Toronto Ontario

Our VoIP phone systems are loaded with free features to help your small business connect and make a good impression. Valuable features such as voicemail, call forwarding and more are all included in your already low line fee.

Here are some of the features we can program for you during your VoIP phone system installation service.

Remote Employees.  One Number.  We can add any phone, anywhere in the world, to your phone system.  Your customers call one number and can connect with anyone on your team; office mates, remote team members or anyone in your mobile workforce.   This makes bill management easy, and gives your customers one telephone number to remember and give you one number to advertise.

Voicemail To Email.  Opt to have your voicemails sent to you directly via email. Simply open the audio attachment and listen, anywhere you are.

Auto Attendant.  Greet callers with a recorded message advising them of their calling options or important  extension numbers.

Dial By Name.  Callers can find the extension they are looking for by entering a few letters of their intended parties name.

User Privileges.  You can set up user accounts and assign privileges such as long distance calling.

Call Accounts & Logging.  You can assign accounts to calls and track the call length for billing of professional services, popular with law firms.

Ring Groups.  Have a single call ring on all phones within a department, so that the first available team member can answer.

Call Cascading.  Customers like it when their calls are answered.  When clients call and your extension is busy or on do not disturb, we can program a sequence of call cascades or ring groups, so that your new phone system attempts to locate yourself or a helpful team mate before sending the caller to voicemail.

Call Hold / Transfer / Park.  You can hold, transfer or park a call.

Music On Hold.  Play music or your own custom recorded announcement to clients on hold.  Record an announcement of your new offers or seasonal promotions.  Popular with dental offices & spas.

After Hours Call Scheduling.  Offer callers a different greeting and call options during business hours and after business hours, or have after hours calls forwarded to a  different number or sent direct to voicemail.

Conference Calling.  Connect multiple parties on one phone call.

Call Forwarding.  Forward calls to any extension, ring group or voice mailbox.

Call Pick Up.  Pick up calls from alternate extensions.  Useful for executive assistants.

Call Waiting:  If you’re on the phone, and another call comes in, you will be notified with a tone and a caller ID display, giving you the option to answer or let the call go through a call cascade or to voicemail.

Caller ID Routing.  Handle calls differently depending on where they are coming in from, and keep unwanted calls, such as telemarketing calls, out.

System Wide Speed Dial.  Store important numbers on your phone system for quick and easy access.

Intercom.  You can call internally, from one extension to another, to speak with team mates.  If you have remote employees, speaking via intercom eliminates any long distance charges.

Distinctive Ring.  Program a distinctive ring for each number on your phone system.

Automatic Fax Detection.  No need to pay for a separate fax line.  Your new phone system can automatically detect incoming fax calls and route them accordingly.

Slash Your Monthly Phone Bill With A VoIP Phone System

The above features can all be programmed during your initial phone system programming, and are yours to enjoy without ongoing extra monthly fees.  A virtual phone server costs as little as $5/month and lines are just $2.50/month; simply incomparable to the high cost of traditional business phone lines.  Usage is just $0.02/minute to anywhere in North America.

Learn more about our VoIP phone system installation services – they are enterprise quality, flexible and scalable, so they can easily grow with your business.

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