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IT Security Support in Toronto

Internal threats from employees are one of the leading sources of network breaches and data leaks in big and small business.

Protect your data with solid user authentication and data management policies.

TUCU will help you understand your needs and setup the right IT infrastructure and internal security protections.

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User Management

You need good user authentication protocols in place to protect your business.

User authentication, access control and management regulates:

  • who can access your network
  • what permissions they have on your network
  • what folders, files and resources they can access

From Active Directory on your domain to Identity Access Management in the cloud, we will help you control access to your network.

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BYOD Setup & Support


As the business owner, you are liable in the event of a network breach or data leak.

Protect your business with a stringent Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) policy.

Only devices that you manage should ever connect to your network.

If you want to allow employees to bring their own devices to the workplace, be sure to have a Mobile Data Management (MDM) policy in place to keep company data separate from personal, and a method to remotely wipe devices after loss, theft or employee exit.

Work with our IT experts to design your IT Security policies and setup.

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USB Encryption & Disablement


Your network is sensitive to what USB ports can do.

USB keys can carry data off your network, or malicious code on to it.

USB keys with sensitive data that are lost can result in a painful data breach for your clients or your business.

Consider encrypting USB keys to prevent data loss, or disabling USB use on your network.

Our IT security consultants will help you understand your options and choose the best solution for you.

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Data Management & Sprawl Control


Where are your employees storing files?

Employees have preferences, and sometimes they clash with your business needs for IT security.

While using their preferred personal cloud storage services (e.g. DropBox, personal Google Drive) may be convenient for employees, this practice can leave dangerous gaps in your IT security.

The main issue with this type of file storage and sharing is that it is also being used on  employee’s personal devices, which are not monitored or maintained by your company. An employee, or someone who has gained unauthorized access of the device, can easily steal company data or upload a virus to your network.

Our  Toronto Small Business IT Consultants will help you explore better data management solutions.

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As our ongoing Managed IT Services provider, TUCU manages our network and supports our growing staff ...

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