Make Your Own Fresh Air For Your Home Or Office

It’s the small things that make office life more bearable.  Fresh air is up at the top of my list.

Most offices don’t have enough office plants.  They often offices lack the fresh air and greenery that make us humans feel good.  After watching this video, our office got an overhaul with some refreshing results.

I always say that synergy is a beautiful thing. I am normally referencing the exponentially better results you can get when you work with a coach, a great team or partner on your business projects, but today I’m talking about office plants.

Plants For Indoor Offices

3 easy to obtain plants work together to create your own fresh air supply!  The presenter in the Tedtalk video explains that you could be sealed in a bottle with these 3 plants and not die.

And you don’t even need to be just setting up a new office or moving offices to plan to add these office plants into your space and budget.  A little decluttering and a few dollars will allow you to add these hardworking office plants to your space.  Update your work space with a little more oxygen and see if it doesn’t perk up your day to day results.  Employ & enjoy.

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