Toronto Food Bank Receives A Mouthful!

2009 was an economic challenge for many local families. Many families found one or both parents to be out of a steady income, making it difficult or impossible to make ends meet.

The local food banks work hard to assist families in need, and during economic downturns, food banks require additional donations to meet demand.

This year, in lieu of sending client cards and gifts for the holiday season, Tucu chose to Pay It Forward in 2009 . A generous donation was made to The Daily Bread food bank of Toronto, on behalf of all Tucu clients.  Tucu clients were advised of the donation via email and the response was an overwhelming show of support for the Pay It Forward model.

Here are some quick facts about hunger in Canada:

  • Almost 800,000 Canadians visited a food bank in an average month, in 2009; that’s 18% more than the 2008 average
  • 37% of food bank users are Canadian children
  • 19% of food ban users are employed, however are unable to make ends meet and feed a family
  • most food banks do not receive government funding
  • food banks not only provide food, but also skills training and financial counselling to their users

If you would like to make a donation to The Daily Bread, you can do so easily online. Choose whether your donation is personal, or corporate, and receive an instant receipt upon completion.  You can donate today by clicking here, or learn more on the main page of The Daily Bread website here.

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