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General Questions

What area do you serve?

Toronto IT Services - We come to you in Downtown Toronto, North York, Scarborough and the GTA. On site IT services include everything from new network setup, new office setup, hardware installation, IT upgrades, complex computer issues etc.

Toronto + North America - We offer remote tech support and IT services across Canada and the United States, including remote computer troubleshooting, G Suite business email setup, Office 365 migration, Azure Active Directory setup, etc.

Are you by appointment only?

All IT services are by appointment.

There are no "service windows".

If you book an appointment for 2pm, you can expect us at 2pm.

Remote support appointments. You set an appointment at a day and time at your convenience. Our computer technician calls you at the appointed time. You allow the technician remote access to your computer to perform the services you have requested. At the end of the session, TUCU no longer has access to your computer, unless you want us to.

Remote support is suitable for many tech support issues and also for many IT security upgrades.

On site service appointments. You set an appointment and our IT consultant or network technician arrive on site, to perform requested IT services in your office.

On site IT services are required for all hardware installations, networking services and some computer support services.

Do you outsource overseas?

No, we do not outsource overseas. We are 100% Canadian owned and operated.

All technicians have undergone background checks for your security.

Please contact us to schedule your support service.

How much do IT services cost?

Check out our IT Service Prices page.

Are there long term contracts?

Let's work together because we want to. Not because we're stuck.

You can call in hourly tech support or IT services anytime. There is no contract.

For IT management services, there is a 90 day agreement to fully complete your setup, and then month to month service, so you are never locked in.

Hourly Computer Services

Visit the service page.

What is the difference between computer services and IT services?

Both are servicing your technology.

Computer services are shorter service calls that generally pertain to a single device. Most computer issues are resolved in 30-90 minutes in a single remote or on site session.  Examples include a virus on the receptionist computer, a problem with the printer, an Outlook error on the president's computer so she can no longer receive mail, etc.

IT services + IT Projects generally involve multiple Information Technology components or networking. IT services generally require IT consulting, planning, hardware or software procurement, installation services and follow up. Many IT Services require 4-8 hours, and some projects span days or weeks.  Examples include server installation, firewall installation, WiFi networking, company wide IT security upgrades, a switch to Office 365 from an exchange server, etc.

What is the difference between a free consultation and a diagnostic visit?

We offer free consultations to discuss your computer service needs by phone, and provide an estimate of time to resolve the issues.

If we are touching your technology, (e.g. connecting remotely, or coming on site to diagnose or investigate an issue) we are working. To protect you and us, we treat that work with the care and respect it deserves, and start with a general service agreement.

Do I have to be present for the appointment?

No you don't.

For remote service, either you or a team member can grant us access to your computer at the start of the appointment, and then you can go for lunch, work on calls, take a meeting or anything else you like. We'll leave a note on your service ticket when work is complete.

For on site service, as long as someone is there to greet us and lock up after us, we are happy to help.

What is the Pain Free Guarantee?

If we provide hourly tech support service and the issue spontaneously recurs after our service, simply inform us within 3 days and we will make it right. Guaranteed.

Why only 3 days? Because if our fix doesn’t work, you will know right away.

Your happiness is our priority. We stand behind our reputation for good, fair service.

IT Consulting

Visit the service pages. IT Consulting For... New Business | Needs Assessment | Business Growth

What is the difference between a free consultation and an IT audit?

A free consultation is a conversation about needs. We answer all your questions, and can often provide a detailed estimate for your needs.

An IT audit is a hands on, in depth assessment of your current setup, security gaps, failure points, as well as a conversation about your needs.

An audit also includes technical reports. At TUCU, we take it further, and take the time to draft an Executive Summary in plain English for you. This plain English report is your IT plan for the next 3-5 years. All issues are laid out, with recommended actions to take immediately, over the next 6 months, 1 year and 5 years. All hardware and software purchasing links are included. A 1 hour IT consultation by phone is included to answer all your questions. You can perform updates yourself, hire any provider, or hire TUCU to perform the work for you.

Managed IT Services

What are Managed IT Services?

Visit the service page.

Managed IT Services refers to an effective model of IT management where a network is first optimized and then proactively maintained by highly trained outside IT providers. It is ideal for small business without IT staff in house, and also for medium sized companies who can better allocate payroll funds to other areas while employing a Managed IT service provider for all IT management needs. Learn more about Managed Services here.

We offer IT management services for small-medium sized business with 5-50 employees.

What are Cloud Management Services?

Visit the service page.

Cloud Management is based on Managed IT Services, but is designed to meet changing workplace needs where there is no physical server present and/or the team works remotely.

Managed Cloud Services allows you to outsource your cloud setup, security and account management to our team of trained cloud consultants and support technicians.

I only have 3 employees. Can I get Managed Services?

Yes, you can get managed Services with only 3 employees. You can choose the basic computer monitoring plan which has no minimum, however no IT support is included.  The Fully Managed IT Service Plans which include unlimited IT support do have a base fee. The base fee covers up to 5 users. Each user over 5 adds 1 additional seat to the plan. If you only have 3 users, you are covered by the base plan and can grow into it.

Is there a long term contract for Managed Services?

There is no long term contract. There is an initial ninety day term to allow sufficient time for all your systems and team members to be on-boarded. If after 90 days, you don't feel it's right for you, simply cancel with 30 days notice.

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