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Secure Devices

Antivirus is not a security solution. 

Antivirus is a single layer in a security stack. AV alone can only block roughly one third of today's cyber threats. You need better protection. Our basic computer security plans offer you an affordable solution for secure devices.


Managed antivirus with daily updates and automated scans. We resolve all notifications for you.

Patch Management

Prevent exploits and vulnerabilities with automatic patch management for all devices, OS, and common 3rd party applications.

Cloud Backup

Cloud storage like OneDrive or Google Drive is not the same as backup. Make sure your files are safe. Add backup to cover you in all scenarios.

Ransomware Prevention

Endpoint Detect & Repair (EDR) tools help with ransomware prevention. Block threats before they can gain a foothold.

Application Security

Block spoofed apps, malware and malicious extensions. Prevent apps from interacting with key registry files.

Secure Cloud & Networks

Local and cloud networks designed with security and scalability baked in. TUCU's Infrastructure Solutions are ideal for small and medium organizations, balancing cost and efficacy.

Servers & Computers

As authorized resellers, we provide, configure and support Windows Servers, Windows computers and  Azure Virtual Desktops running Windows environments. We also support Apple computers and provide ABM solutions. 

Microsoft 365 Management

As certified Microsoft partners since 2003, you can rest assured that your Microsoft 365 management is in good hands here.

Google Workspace Management

As certified Google Cloud partners, we are here to help you setup, migrate or update your Google Cloud accounts.

Azure IaaS & Remote Desktops

TUCU is a cloud first company and can help you become one as well. We setup, manage and support Azure virtual networks and remote desktops solutions.

Network, WiFi & VoIP

Ubiquiti networking equipment offers you a modern, powerful, robust and remote enabled set of network switches, wireless access points and networking solutions to meet all your needs. 

3CX VoIP offers you self hosted cloud solution for all your telephony needs. Microsoft Teams Calling is another excellent option.

We offer 3CX, Teams calling and Ubiquiti network management and support.

Identity & Governance

Who, what, where, when and why fully managed across your IT infrastructure. TUCU's Identity Access Management services are delivered using the power of Microsoft Security tools.

Azure Active Directory

The core of your cloud IT infrastructure. Bind devices to your domain and authenticate signed in users to Microsoft services. Apply basic security policies to protect your organization.

Azure AD Identity Protection & Governance

Discover, investigate, and remediate identity-based risks within your organization.

Define who can access what with powerful tools to protect and audit resource access. Improve visibility into permissions and make assigning and revoking access easier for your team and your IT company.

Microsoft Identity Manager

Eliminate risky data sprawl. Simplify new device setups. MIM enables you to easily provision and manage identities local and cloud networks. Grant access to Trusted Devices. Block all others. Stay safer in a risk filled world.

External Identities

No more public sharing of data without control. Share and collaborate with contractors, clients and partners with seamless and secure access.

InTune & Microsoft Security Tools

We use a variety of tools and policies to help you protect your organization, including:

A database of standardized configurations for computers or mobile devices, applications and compliance policies.

Automatic Provisioning and binding of new or wiped computers to your Azure tenant and policies.

Configuration Profiles which "push" security policies to every device (e.g. encryption, set screen lock, etc).

Compliance Tools to ensure every device has those prescribed configurations applied.

Secure Data & Work

You can't stop what you can't see. Our cloud & data security solutions are built on Microsoft and designed to help SMB's safeguard data from evolving threats.

Microsoft Teams & SharePoint

Bring together the people that account for your success. Your team, clients and partners can collaborate virtually and securely using Microsoft Teams & SharePoint. We securely configure all your Microsoft tools and support your team to help you succeed.

Defender of Cloud Apps

Safeguard your cloud services with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps. We use these tools to protect your cloud apps to prevent attacks, data loss and exfiltration, and ensure secure access for your team.

Defender For 365

Phishing attacks are a top threat, and they keep evolving. Prevent these stealthy attacks from sneaking past your staff and infiltrating your accounts with Defender for Office 365.

Defender For Cloud

An unsecured cloud network is an open invitation to attackers. We use Defender for Cloud to continuously assess, secure, and protect your cloud environment.

Sentinel & SIEM

Cyber keep growing and evolving while organizations with remote work enabled often have no or low visibility and control over their IT systems.

Sentinel and SIEM solutions give you visibility, the ability to respond to threats fast, and the ability to rebuild what happened after any security incident.

Information Protection and DLP

Take great care of your information without overly restrictive blanket approaches that stifle work flows. TUCU will help you classify, label and secure sensitive information with Microsoft Purview Information Protection.  This is DLP for modern work.

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