Network Segmentation For Security

network segmentation concept

Network segmentation is a fundamental cybersecurity practice that involves dividing a computer network into smaller, isolated segments or subnetworks. Each segment is created to enhance security by isolating different types of data, systems, or user groups from each other. The primary goal of network segmentation is to reduce the attack surface, limit lateral movement of […]

What Is Perimeter Network Security

What Is Network Perimeter Security? In the IT realm, network perimeter security involves safeguarding a company’s network limits from hackers, intruders, and other unwanted individuals. It includes surveillance detection, analyzing patterns, recognizing threats, and dealing with them effectively. Every private network has a perimeter around it. It’s the secure boundary between networks, for instance, your […]

About Content Filtering For Small Business

spam filtering concept

Content filtering is an important layer of your overall IT security plan. It allows you to control content and block high risk websites, drive by malware, malicious downloads and other cyber threats. Content filtering for small business is usually automated via software programmed by your IT company. From time to time, you or your IT […]

Does QuickBooks Desktop Software work well over a VPN?

use quickbooks on a vpn -hero 23

Thinking about a VPN for QuickBooks access? A small business owner called us up to discuss giving his team access to QuickBooks Desktop Software over a VPN. He was not able to switch to QuickBooks Online due to a lack of required features for his type of business. We explained that VPN for QuickBooks issues […]

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