StartSmart Package

Opening a new business?  Launching a new location?  We can help.

Our StartSmart Package is a thorough technology consulting service which begins with an audit of your needs for your new (or growing) business, gives you written recommendations to get started today and better plan for tomorrow, and all the IT setup services you need.

StartSmart With TUCU For:

  • An on site needs assessment with an IT Consultant who will interview you about your needs
  • Written recommendations for IT purchases so you can shop around, buy now & plan for later.
  • Purchase links so you can buy direct with confidence.
  • Ample Q&A and IT Consulting time to answer your questions.
  • A project estimate to have our computer technicians set everything up for you.
  • Ongoing tech support as needed


Woman with questions and in need of technology consulting services


In Good Hands

” After a difficult first foray into the world of cloud computing, Adam and his team got us back on track with the right solution and we’ve been working in perfect harmony ever since. Even though we are a small business with simple needs, TUCU is quick to respond to our queries and makes feel confident that we are in good hands. “

-Leanne James, Heads Up Group


StartSmart With TUCU

Our Services Coordinator is ready to answer your questions and help you take the next steps.

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