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Social Media Marketing Tips For NonProfits During The Holiday Season


with these social media marketing tips for nonprofits

The Holiday Season is just one flip of a calendar page away. And, it’s the time of the year where marketers for non-profit organizations design massive campaigns to create awareness and attract new donors. If you’re still finalizing your campaigns, or have come upon extra budget to test new ideas, I encourage you to remember a fitting acronym: GIFTS

G is for Google AdWords

Many nonprofit organizations shy away from Google Ads because of the competitive bids can get costly. But did you know that if your non-profit meets Google’s requirements, then you can get up to $10,000 USD in ad credits.

I is for Instagram

Although Instagram is popular amongst fashionistas and foodies, you can also leverage this highly visual channel to bring awareness or to start a movement in a highly compelling way.

F is for Facebook

If you have come upon some unused budget this Holiday season, I encourage you to consider Facebook advertisement platform. Why? Because there are over 1.6 Billion daily active users on Facebook everyday, scrolling, posting and sharing ideas, pictures and questions. And the cost for clicks tend to be much lower than other online platforms. Go ahead and bookmark this blog for a step-by-step guide on Facebook advertising if you’d like to get started on Facebook ads.

T is for Twitter

If your budget is low or already depleted for the year, go ahead and tap into Twitter’s network to connect with influencers to follow and retweet your cause. You may already have brand ambassadors who love to spread the word, but also look into tools and apps that can amplify your list of followers, such as: Klear, Little Bird and Audiense.

S is for Socialize

Bonus tip: If you are super-organized and have already set all your campaign, there’s still one more thing I would encourage you do online this Holiday Season… Socialize. The last 8 weeks of the year is by far the busiest time online. People are sharing and posting all kinds of stuff. Make sure you have your non-profit radar on and meaningfully interact with your target audience. Like their posts; create motivational quotes and share their sentiments. Think of this as spreading organic (aka free) joy to the online world.

Holiday Season is no doubt the busiest time for most organizations, and nonprofits are no exception. Online channels give you immense flexibility, scalability and personalization opportunities to make the season count for you.

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