Resources For NonProfit Organizations In And Around Toronto

Resources For NonProfits 

We love non-profit organizations and the important work they do, so we’re putting together a list of resources for non profit organizations.  While we do offer a tech support discount for non profit organizations in Toronto,  we wanted to do more, and so, we’ve begun this list of resources.  We welcome your email on other resources you think should be included.  The criteria are:

  • the resource offers something helpful to non profit organizations for free, or at a reduced rate
  • the resource be local to Toronto, Ontario, or can be provided remotely, or is a short enough distance to make a return trip manageable in one day

First up…

Endeavour Volunteer Consulting For Non-Profits

Endeavour Volunteer Consulting for Non-Profits offers management consulting, strategic consulting to non profit organizations to help them make a bigger impact in their communities.  They offer services from a pool of highly skilled and screened volunteers, enabling non-profit organizations that cannot otherwise afford management consulting services to have access and benefit.  Learn more about them and how to become a client here:

Causeview in Markham Ontario

Their tagline is helping those who help others.  Their blog is full of great information for non-profit administrators, managers and teams.  They also have some cloud-based fundraising software products that help non profits gain and collect donations, organize events, and track volunteers.  Here is a direct link to their info-packed blog:

Techsoup Canada

For discounts on software, look no further than Techsoup.  They have cultivated a list of donors from technology giants such as Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe and Cisco, and they pass the discounts on to your non-profit.  They also host events and put out blog posts and newsletters to help you learn about non-profit tech and help you decide what will work for you.  For events in Toronto, join their Meetup here:, and for more info on software discounts, visit their website here:

The Business Help Centre in Middlesex Ontario

Ok, they’re not in and around Toronto, but your NPO friends in Middlesex may want to know about them!  Amongst other things, The Business Help Centre offers co-working space for non-profit organizations in Middlesex, Ontario.  Their non profit rate for co-working space come in at just $10/day for a desk and $5/hour for a meeting room.   Get all the info here:

They also run a series of workshops for non-profit executives and leaders.  Workshop costs run from $15-$25 per person with lunch included.  Check out the current line-up here:

Update May 2016 – It appears that The Business Help Centre is undergoing restructuring after a loss of funding. Workshops are not presently running.

We hope at least one of these prove to be helpful to you.  We welcome your email suggestions on who else should be listed.  Let’s grow the list!

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