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October 4th Is Improve Your Office Day – What Are You Updating?

Employee in need of Improve Your Office Day

Does your office space feel tired and uninspired?

Are you a small business or remote employee with a poorly defined work space that hampers productivity.

Are you a team leader looking for ways to inspire the troops before another long Canadian winter?

October 4th Is Improve Your Office Day. It’s a perfect time to refresh the office and inspire a mental reset.

Studies show that people are more productive in well lit, organized and pleasing spaces.

People are also more productive when they take sufficient breaks.

Encourage productivity and enjoyment in your office with our list of easy updates.

Easy Office Improvement Suggestions

Visuals:  Update the appearance of your personal workspace with:

  • new art
  • new plants
  • new mouse pad
  • new desktop decor such as family photos, motivational pieces or colourful accents
  • new coloured post it notes


  • Replace your aging keyboard, mouse or monitor
  • Install a screen dimmer to reduce glare such as Hackervision plugin for Google Chrome
  • Buy a new ergonomic chair, foot rest or floor mat


  • Change your passwords
  • Enable lock screen time out on all your devices
  • Test your backup to ensure it is working properly
  • Buy a UPS for your computer to protect it from power surges during storms
  • Set up 2 factor authentication for all your cloud accounts (or for your entire team)
  • Consider a network security audit for your business


  • Do a digital file cleanup – delete, archive and organize all files so they are easy to parse, and easy to share as needed
  • Upgrade your software or switch to based cloud services
  • Scan, file or shred any lingering documents to clear your work space


  • Restock favourite coffee or tea in the office – we like Imperial Jasmine from Genuine Tea
  • Stock healthy, high protein snacks to keep your brain well fed (we like nuts, especially cashews)
  • Add a quiet room where people can escape to for a few minutes of recharging quiet time before returning to the hustle
  • Post a motivational and team messaging board in the break room where people can contribute with their own ideas and responses to foster camaraderie and positive relationships

Any day is a great day to improve your office and work space, so if you missed Improve Your Office Day, you can make your improvements today.  If you’re already on it, inspire someone else by sharing this post!

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