Electronics Recycling; Keep IT Out Of Landfills

Electronics Recycling in Toronto: Have an old computer, TV, printer or monitor to get rid of?

Rather than sending it to our overflowing landfills, why not give it a second life?   The Ontario Electronic Stewardship program will accept your old electronics at no charge and give them a new life. They also offer electronics recycling for a small fee. The goal is to keep unwanted electronics out of landfills.

They will accept the following for electronics recycling: desktop computers, laptops, keyboards mice & other peripherals, monitors, printers, disk drives, fax machines, televisions, smartphones and cameras.

Your old electronics will either be donated or recycled, but most importantly, they will stay out of our landfills. To find your local drop off, there are plenty throughout Ontario, visit www.dowhatyoucan.ca.  Update 2016: Click here for electronic recycling drop-off locations in Toronto.

Be sure to wipe your hard drive before recycling old computers & laptops.

If your computer contains scans or copies of any of your sensitive information (a driver’s license, a passport, a bank statement) or held confidential client information, be sure to securely wipe your hard drive before selling, donating, recycling or disposing your old computers and laptops.

Pickup, hard drive wipe and computer / laptop recycling service in Toronto.

Hard drive wipe If you would like this to be done for you,  you can call us for pick up, military grade hard drive deletion and drop off to a local recycling depot for $129.  Each additional computer or laptop picked up the same day is just $59.