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If you have built a business from the ground up, it’s easy to fall into the same routines, day after day, year after year. When business is booming, it can be challenging to find time to evaluate your email solutions and other IT needs. If you haven’t already, you should consider G Suite for all your email and productivity needs, especially if you aren’t yet taking advantage of a cloud-based service. Our team at TUCU can help you transfer your sensitive data from your server to the cloud using G Suite. Read on to learn more about the latest in small business IT solutions.

What is G Suite?

Imagine being able to share documents, files, emails, projects, and other important data with your entire team with ease. Now, with G Suite, you can. Introduced by Google, G Suite is a bundle of cloud-based apps and services that helps you stay in touch with team members as well as the community. Think of it as a souped-up version of Google’s free apps, with your small business in mind. Those who purchase G Suite will be able to take advantage of a number of business-grade services not available to general consumers. Some of the primary features of G Suite include:

  • Gmail: This email app featured in G Suite functions the same as the free version of Gmail, so it’s easy to use. The main perk, however, is that you can have email account ownership. Therefore, rather than having an email address like, you can have a more personalized version, such as
  • Calendar: The shareable Calendars in G Suite allows users to schedule events for the entire group. Google’s Calendar is also fully integrated with all other apps for seamless use.
  • Drive: Gone are the days of flash drives and portable storage devices. With Google’s cloud-based Drive, all of your files can be stored in one place – the cloud. You can even choose which ones are publicly visible, and which ones are shareable.
  • Docs: This feature allows teams of people to share work processing tasks and documents. They can be stored on the Drive for easy access.
  • Sheets: Google’s shareable apps aren’t limited to word processing. Google spreadsheets allow team members to share data with one another effortlessly.
  • Slides: Preparing for your team’s next big presentation? Work on the slides together in real-time with Slides.
  • Forms: Ever find yourself in need of a custom questionnaire or form? Google Forms are easy to create from scratch.
  • Sites: Tired of hiring web designers for a simple site? Use Google Sites to create a fresh and streamlined website. Easy to build, this app is designed to be used by people with no design experience.
  • Google+: This social media platform has been around for several years. When used as part of G Suite, you can engage with your team and colleagues through this social media platform.
  • Jamboard: Need to brainstorm? Jamboard is like a real-time whiteboard where you can share your ideas with your teammates.

Latest New Features in G Suite

You may have heard of Slack, Microsoft Teams, or other collaborative apps. Google’s version is called Hangouts Chat, and it has just been launched as part of the G Suite family. This feature allows team members to message one another within a group or individually, and it also helps people work together on projects in real time.

Many business owners use Dropbox frequently to share and store files on the cloud. If you are currently using this service, you’ll be happy to learn that Dropbox has just teamed up with Google to enhance your productivity experience. Now, you will be able to create, open, and edit content stored on your Google Drive directly through Dropbox’s new interface.

Get G Suite Help from Google Cloud Partners: If you are looking for ways to streamline your business and increase productivity, G Suite is an excellent choice. Our Google Cloud Partners in Toronto can help you move to G Suite.  Contact us today to plan your project.

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