Outsourced IT Services

Get cloud / IT management & unlimited tech support for a flat monthly fee.

Are your IT systems neglected?

The Managed Advantage Plan is a total small business IT outsourcing solution.

You outsource all technology work to our team of trained technicians.

You instantly gain an IT department for a fraction of the cost of a single IT employee.

Your IT systems stay secure + managed. Every computer error, backup test, firewall rule, email issue and computer problem will be dealt with quickly and adeptly by people who love technology.

TUCU's Managed Advantage Plan is a complete, cost effective IT strategy.

IT Outsourcing Is Not For You If You:

  • Have qualified, experienced IT employees on staff.
  • Have effective solutions for IT Security in place.

IT Outsourcing Is Right For You If You:

  • Do not have a trained IT employee on staff.
  • Do not have effective IT solutions in place.
  • Rely on technology and want responsive support.
  • Want to earn business from larger vendors who will require you to have IT Security best practices in place.
woman with outsourced IT services working on laptop
small business working with outsourced IT services protecting their cyber security

Our Outsourced IT Services Include:

Unlimited Support: Software snags, email issues, new staff setups and more. It's all included.

Rapid Response: Prompt help for critical issues + fast, friendly help desk support when your team needs it.

Better Security: Better Antivirus software. Automation for daily computer patching and updates. The best options for IT security and compliance requirements. Let's talk about your needs.

No Learning Curve: Delegate IT Management to trained professionals.

No Lock In: Walk away with 30 days notice.

Protect and grow your business with a trusted IT partner by your side. TUCU's outsourced IT services in Toronto are designed for growing SMB's.

Life Without An IT Partner

  • You're not trained in IT support, which is why you need outsourced IT support in Toronto, today.
  • Your team is wasting time Googling tech problems.
  • You have no idea how to secure the WiFi, the firewall, the email accounts, the company files...
  • You can get through setting up a new employee, but remote work and security really need more attention, and you have 47 other things to do right now.
  • You’re frustrated with computer issues.
  • Employees have had computer viruses, hacked accounts, breached passwords you don't even know about...
  • Your team would benefit from more access to tech support and faster tech support.
  • Phishing emails are non-stop and the fear of a ransomware infection locking your business down is real.

These are telltale signs that you need a good IT outsourcing company ASAP. 

Delegate your IT security to TUCU's professional team who will take care of everything for you.

It's affordable - less than hiring your own IT person - and offers so much relief.

IT outsourcing services is exactly what you need.

Life With Outsourced IT Support

You are focused on your deliverables, no longer distracted by tech problems. When an issue does arise, you’ve got support to deal with it.

  • Your computers are patched & updated every day and week.
  • Your cloud accounts are secured and monitored.
  • You have best in class antivirus software.
  • You can open a ticket any time a problem arises and get friendly tech support from awesome trained technicians.
  • The entire network was updated + secured during your setup phase and you have peace of mind.
  • All the WiFi, firewall and network management is someone else’s problem and that’s such a relief.
  • The server & all data is backed up and tested regularly.
  • No more tech surprises or erratic tech costs.
  • Everything is managed. This is so much better.

Get outsourced IT services in Toronto now.

woman with small business it management services

Did you know that each year, more small business move to outsourced IT services?

Join the thousands of SMB leaders who know that today's technology landscape demands proactive, continuous management. Secure & support your business with TUCU - starting with your free consultation.

Ready for a great IT support company?

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