IT Security Services For Toronto SMB's

Antivirus alone is not enough. 

Antivirus is only effective against about 30% of threats. AV can not protect from ransomware, phishing, email hacking and more. Businesses like yours need better IT security solutions now.  TUCU's IT security services offer everything you need and are built on best practices in data security and ransomware prevention.

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Does Your IT Security Solution Include?

  • Endpoint, Mobility & Identity Management
  • Data Security & Digital Loss Prevention

    Including tools to control who has access to what

  • Ransomware Protection & Disaster Recovery

    Including EDR, backup and restore tests.

  • Ability to pass IT Security Screenings

    Including frameworks & certificates (e.g. COBIT, NIST, SOC2)

TUCU helps you safeguard your business with effective IT security services.

Outsource your IT Security Management to TUCU today.

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39% of Canadian companies were hit with ransomware in 2020.

Only 26% of targeted Canadian companies were able to fend off a ransomware attack, trailing behind Turkey, Spain,Italy, Brazil, Singapore, Germany, China and South Africa.

How would your organization fare under attack?

Get IT Security Best Practices

Every business needs multiple layers of IT security - not just antivirus.

TUCU will help you keep your sensitive data, intellectual property, clients and employees safe with solutions tailored to your needs, highly rated support services and continuous monitoring and management of all your critical IT systems.

Get started with a free Discovery Call. We will plan your one time IT improvements. Once complete, your monthly IT security management plan begins.

Secure Devices

Most cyber threats are automated. They target any business - any computer - around the world. We use automations and multiple layers of computer security tools to help protect you. And that's just the beginning.

Intrusion Detection & Response

Today's cyber threats are silent, stealthy, sophisticated and patient. We use AI based intrusion detection tools for threat and ransomware prevention. This allows us to spot suspicious behaviours and prevent attackers from gaining a foothold in your IT systems.

Identity Management

Every business should control every device that touches company data. Identity Management Solutions help you take back control. With Microsoft InTune, You define the Trusted Users & Trusted Devices which are allowed to connect. All others are denied.

Conditional Access & Data Security

The Principle of Least Privilege can be summarized as each person should have just enough access to data to perform their job roles - and nothing more. Conditional Access Policies help prevent data leaks and theft, and limits the damage radius in the event of a critical breach or ransomware infection.

Data & Digital Loss Prevention

Go beyond the basics of Conditional Access with data security and digital loss prevention solutions. We setup and manage the tools you need to protect data, pass information security screenings, pass compliance checks and win more business. Options include data labelling, classification, retention rules, no file downloads, no forwarding and more.

Secure Remote Work Solutions

The right setup protects you and gives you the power to securely onboard and offboard staff - and revoke all access rights - with just a few clicks.

The alternative is unmitigated risk and liability. Choose secure remote work and have TUCU set you up the right way.

Secure Staff Changeovers

Need to have a new staff member setup? Skip the clunky processes and get automated. With Microsoft AutoPilot or Windows Virtual Desktops, new staff are setup in a few clicks - computers, software, email, document access, and VoIP extensions by TUCU - ready to go.

With Single Sign On solutions, your staff can move from their inbox to their common applications with passwordless access. Less friction. More focus.

You can have it all with better technology & help from TUCU.

IT Compliance & Risk Management

Your industry or clients may require you to meet IT compliance framework standards or pass formal certifications. We help you meet every expectation. Whether you are facing a formal audit, need to pass a vendor screening, or maintain industry compliance, we ensure you rise to the occasion.

PIPEDA, NIST, SOC2, ISO and more, we perform the technical work you need to pass all checks. You and your auditors will be pleased.

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