IT Compliance Services

From NIST to COBIT to ISO and CyberSecure Canada, with help from our IT Compliance Consultants in Toronto, you can be confident that your IT systems will pass any framework assessment or audit.

We offer IT Compliance solutions and support to help you pass screenings and do business with desirable clients and partners.

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Are your required to meet enterprise level security, even though you are a small business?

Our IT Compliance Consultants Can Help

If you are experiencing the growing trend of national and international companies asking their smaller partners to prove their cyber security posture, it's because you could be the trojan horse that introduces a threat into their business - if your own IT security is lacking.

The nature of IT compliance requirements, regulatory governance guidelines and vendor security screenings you must pass to win good business are ever changing.

TUCU Managed IT Services Inc offers comprehensive managed technology services for small and medium business who have regulatory or internal compliance requirements, or need to pass ISO, NIST, and other compliance audits in order to do business with profitable partners.

TUCU offers complete IT compliance solutions which include best practices for IT and cloud security, compliant email solutions, managed security solutions, reporting, auditing, policy documentation and disaster recovery plans. We take care of everything you need to pass IT compliance audits and grow your business.

IT Compliance Solutions

Our IT compliance specialists can help with:

  • Client / Vendor Screenings
  • NIST
  • ISO 27001/16/18
  • SOC2
  • CyberSecure

Support for Immediate Needs

Respond to screenings, make a plan to update IT systems to pass screenings, submit plans and technical documentation.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation done for you to ensure your network and cloud systems meet compliance requirements.

Compliance Management Support

We will manage your:

  • Information Protection and Governance
  • Risk Management
  • IT Compliance Management

Focus on operations and business development. We will monitor and manage your IT security systems, create secure staff onboarding and offboarding processes, perform compliance reviews and remediations, and support your executive team through policy management.

IT Compliance Management We Do For You


Conditional Access Policies


Data Classification Policies


DLP - Digital Loss Prevention


Data Security Solutions


Email Encryption & Retention Policies


Information Protection and Encryption


Information Governance


Insider Risk Management


IT Compliance Audit Preparation


IT Security Screening Preparation


Microsoft Compliance Manager


Records Management


Secure File Sharing

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