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Computer Security For Small Business

The internet is teeming with cyber threats. How do you stay safe? Our computer security plan for small business includes:

Award winning antivirus to block malware

EDR tools for threat and ransomware detection

App controls to block spoofed apps and risky extensions

Managed patching of vulnerabilities in common software

Managed updates to keep everything running smoothly

24/7 hardware health monitoring to prevent downtime

Get all this. Add reliable hourly IT support when you need it.

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Improve Computer Security & Uptime

Cyber crime doesn't sleep. Automated attacks run night and day. On top of that, people make honest mistakes like clicking bad links. We help you fend off threats and reduce accidents that put your accounts at risk.

Automate Patches

Your software develops security vulnerabilities over time.  Most people ignore update & patch prompts, snoozing them for days, weeks, months...leaving you vulnerable.

Our automated patch management eliminates the problem. All your computers will be safer as a result.

Really Good AntiVirus

Cyber crime is big business. Thousands of new threats are released daily.

Free or out of date antivirus lacks the up to date threat libraries to keep up.  You need modern, actively updated antivirus software - but antivirus alone isn't enough.

Detect Threats Like Ransomware

Even the best antivirus can't block new threats. Endpoint Detect & Repair (EDR) tools work with AV to help detect and block advanced threats, fileless threats and ransomware that slip past AV filters from gaining a foothold in your business.

Block Spoofed Apps

We include application control tools to block spoofed apps and malicious browser extensions from your computers. The internet is full of them. Protect your team from innocent mistakes that can hurt your business.

Get A Heads Up On Hardware Fails

Not enough RAM and the computer slows way down. Bad sectors on a drive may lead to a dead drive. 24/7 hardware health monitoring allow proactive service and downtime prevention.

Is it enough?

The SimplicIT plan is a powerful, cost effective computer security solution.

For cloud & data security or IT compliance solutions that SimplicIT doesn't offer - look at our fully managed IT services.

Setup Is Simple

Talk to us about your IT needs. We'll tailor a plan for you.

Easy Setup

We take care of everything for you. In just a few minutes with each staff member, we will have them up and running with their new computer security tools and nicely stacked knowledge base of step by step answers for the most common questions.

Reliable Support

Anytime you need computer support, simply open a ticket and one of our friendly technicians will help you.

Computer support services are billed hourly - only when you need them.

No Lock In

Nobody likes to feel stuck.

That's why we don't lock you down. If you ever want to go back to managing things yourself, simply let us know and it's done!

You have nothing to lose. Contact us now to get started.

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