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Unless you are an IT technician, keeping up with your server management, updates, backups & testing might be frustrating and a waste of time for you. Delegate your server support needs to our trained technicians in Toronto. We have been planning and deploying Windows Small Business Server Solutions since 2003. Leave it to us.

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Incredible. That’s Adam. Found these guys on Google today and Adam was able to get our company server back up and running within an hour. Thank you so much.

We're Here To Help

We offer consulting and IT solutions for small business in Toronto. We can help you:

  • Install and configure new Windows Small Business Servers.
  • Upgrade and support Small Business Servers.
  • Migrate data from one server to another.
  • Set up virtual servers and remote desktop services.
  • Migrate data from a physical server to a virtual or cloud server.
  • Recommend server alternatives when appropriate.

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