Controlling Access To Data For Small Business

How well are you controlling access to your company data, email and accounts?

SMB’s today need secure cloud solutions, even if they are already using secure cloud apps like QuickBooks, HubSpot or a custom EMR. 

Every organization needs centralized, standard methods to manage permissions and access to their apps and files, and visibility into their IT systems.

Without the right solutions, it’s easy to fall victim to unmitigated cyberthreat risk. This guide explains the 3 tenets of Zero Trust Security and how you can use them to protect your business.

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Control Access To Data For Small Business-COVER

Understand the risks and controls needed to be safe. ​

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Written For You

We’ve assembled this plain English guide to data security for small business and non profit managers.


Know the top misconception about cloud apps that every decision maker needs to be aware of. 


Understand the high-level mitigation strategies that your company can implement to stay safe and reduce risk.

Take Action

With ever-present threats, you are right to be concerned about how you can better control access to data in your company. Take action to reduce risk today.