Ransomware Statistics In Canada – 2017 to 2018 Update


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Canadian Ransomware Statistics Update

Cyber crime is still going strong, and small business owners are suffering. Ransomware, created in 2013, is a new favourite among cyber criminals. This malicious software is designed to block access to a computer system, denying access to data until a sum of money is paid. For small business owners, it is not necessarily the ransom money that hurts the most – it is the hours and hours of downtime, which results in serious financial threats to their companies.

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The Painful Truth About Ransomware
It’s easy to assume your business is protected from cyber criminals… until the unexpected happens. To put things in perspective, check out these 2017 statistics:

  • In 2016 – 2017, Canadian SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses) lost 5.7 million dollars due to ransomware attacks.
  • According to 98 percent of all Canadian MSPs (managed service providers), ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent for SMBs. These companies also predict that cybercrimes will continue to rise over the next two years.
  • Thirty-two percent of SMB victims pay the ransom once their files are compromised. Out of those who pay the ransom, 13 percent still never recover their data.
  • Seventy percent of Canadian MSPs stated that their clients suffered downtime that threatened business and income.
  • CryptoWall, WannaCry, and Locky are all common ransomware software programs. However, almost 85 percent of Canadian MSPs report that CryptoLocker seems to be the most frequently used variant.
  • Every operating system – including mobile and tablet – is at risk for ransomware. This can also affect cloud-based services, including G Suite, Dropbox, and Office 365.
  • Canadian MSPs believe that a lack of cybersecurity training is to blame for the majority of ransomware attacks. As a result, only 34 percent of SMBs are significantly concerned about cyber infections.
  • Backups are essential for security against ransomware, as these attacks can still happen despite the use of email filters, Ad Blockers, and Anti-Virus Software. In fact, 96 percent of MSPs report that clients with a backup and disaster recovery solution in place fully recover from their ransomware attacks.

You can download Datto's Canadian Ransomware Report here. 

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Why has ransomware gained in popularity since its advent? Unsurprisingly, cyber criminals are after large sums of money, and ransomware is just the ticket. When asked exactly why they chose to dedicate their time to a life of cyber crime, the bad guys all had similar responses. Some wanted to buy a new house or a new car, while others use the money to pay off their student loans.  Additionally, many cyber criminals feel that ransomware is largely risk-free. In fact, many of these individuals feel that this type of crime is “safe”.

How to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

Business owners can follow a few simple guidelines to reduce their risk for cyber-attacks. For example, organizations should:

• Install the latest updates on all software programs
• Never open any suspicious emails or links
• Use a strong antivirus software program
• Back up all data
• Strengthen passwords
• Schedule routine patch updates with their IT support company
• Train employees on proper security measures

Cyber-attacks can happen when you least expect it. Combined with comprehensive IT support, the recommendations listed above can help you and your employees protect your business from ransomware and other types of cyber crime.

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