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Running a successful small business in the twenty-first century requires top-notch information technology. Computerized filing and communications allow you to streamline your daily activities so you can focus on satisfying your customers. However, IT can also be quite the headache.

Even tech-savvy business owners struggle with glitches, crashes, and other nightmares. Operating your business in the digital age starts with choosing the right IT services.

As you research your options and shop for your new system, consider the myriad benefits of managed IT services. This innovative new approach is rapidly becoming the standard of small business IT.

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Learn why break-fix IT is a thing of the past and how our innovative managed services system can help your small business succeed.

The Not-So-Good Old Days: Break-Fix IT Support

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is the motto of conventional IT services. In the break-fix system, you’d only call up your provider when you run into an issue. If your colleagues mysteriously stopped receiving your emails or your printer became permanently jammed, you’d contact your IT guys for an appointment. They’d diagnose the issue, provide a solution, and send you a bill, leaving you to fend for yourself once again.

The primary pro of break-fix IT support is that you only pay for it when you really need it, but this means that you don’t get any IT assistance until you’ve run into a computerized crisis. By waiting for your system to break down to get help, you’re almost guaranteed to lose time and money. If your IT company happens to be overloaded on the day you need support, you might have to wait hours, wasting even more of your potentially productive time. In addition, it’s easy to see how the break-fix business model might not encourage stellar service. The more glitches you suffer, the more your IT provider profits.  There is a better way – managed services.

What Are Managed Services for IT?

The philosophy behind managed services IT is that by keeping your system healthy and functional, you can avoid the hassle of a digital disaster.  Most managed services plans include three primary components:

  1. Network Security: Proactive IT management and advanced IT Security scanning and threat detection tools to monitor and patch your individual computer workstations and your entire network to safeguard your system.
  2. Unlimited Support: IT Support for your team so they have access to help when issues arrive, and more importantly, so that they don’t have administrative rights which allows them to install anything on any machine – including viruses and malware hidden in seemingly innocuous software or convincing phishing emails. This level of access should always be reserved for IT managers only.
  3. Rapid Response: Unlike “break-fix” businesses, Managed Service Providers MSP’s won’t make you wait during a crisis. It is in your MSP’s best interest to minimize your problems before they can ever occur, because IT problems cause both you and your MSP major grief. In this way, your goals are aligned- keep all systems up and problem free.

Many small businesses are transitioning from break-fix to managed IT. The benefits of modern managed support include:

  • Predictable costs. You can easily budget for the monthly fees for managed IT.
  • Less lost productivity. As a small business owner, you know that time is money. The preventive philosophy of managed IT allows you to avoiding wasting valuable time waiting for an IT professional to respond to your latest computer catastrophe.
  • The latest advances in IT support. Managed Services Providers are motivated to keep your systems in tip-top shape. This type of service can also allow your business to keep up with the latest standards for your industry, such as updates to HIPAA for medical professionals.
  • Assistance with daily issues. With unlimited, fast support, your entire team becomes more productive.
  • Improved interoperability. Rather than addressing each individual IT problem that occurs, managed services professionals help your entire system work better. This means watching how your various programs interact with each other and making changes to improve them.
  • Greater security. In a time of ever increasing computer security threats, better protection makes excellent business sense.
  • Peace of mind. Having a qualified IT department to manage all your technical machines and services takes a load off your plate, and reduces your risk.

Once upon a time, when the world ran on pen, paper and a RoloDex, and Commodore computers were a fad, business owners could get away with calling in for computer support after a computer problem arose, because chances were great that the computer was not integral to business operations. Today, everything runs on technology. Every business big and small needs to integrate IT management into overall business management to stay healthy and competitive.

Experience Predictable IT Support in Toronto: TUCU is a Toronto Managed Services Provider.  We help SMB teams audit and remediate their IT security, and take the necessary steps to align information technology with business growth goals. Please schedule your free consultation to discuss your IT needs and how we can help you.

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