Is Microsoft Office 365 PIPEDA Compliant?

Yes! Microsoft Office 365 is PIPEDA compliant.

A client emailed to ask if Microsoft Office 365 is PIPEDA compliant, along with a few other questions about switching from a Microsoft Exchange Server to Office 365.  Here was our reply.

Hi [name withheld for privacy],
I work with a lot of doctors and lawyers, I know PIPEDA very well. Fortunately, Office 365 is PIPEDA compliant. … Microsoft does not do any data mining in your email and meets all the other PIPEDA requirements as well.

Yes, Office 365 can replace your aging Microsoft Exchange server.

You mentioned you are still on Outlook 2003. That needs to be replaced. It is as old as Windows XP and Microsoft will discontinue all support for Outlook 2003 in April of 2014. Which means no more security patches will be available for it, and no more updates at all.

I would suggest an Office 365 plan upgrade from …It works out to be the same cost when averaged over 3 years…
How would you like to proceed?

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