Common Office 365 Setup Problems

Office 365 Setup Problems? You’re Not Alone.

Office 365 is easy to set up for some people. For others, they encounter Office 365 setup problems, frustration, lost contacts, duplicate contacts and more. Common Office 365 setup problems include:

  • Delayed deployments due to migration challenges
  • Failed migrations or lost emails & contacts
  • Features not available as expected
  • Unexpected service costs
  • Security issues
  • Users not knowing how to connect, log in or find files
  • Unable to add new users or manage users without training
  • Unable to get help when you need it
  • Not sure which version to sign-up for
  • Spam filtering works differently
  • Difficulty connecting mobile devices
  • Difficulty syncing on-premise and cloud systems

Should You Attempt Your Office 365 Setup Alone?

If you are setting up a brand new, single account, you can likely set up your Office 365 account without a hitch.

If you’re looking to switch from an exchange server to Office 365, and you don’t want your team hunting you down for messing things up, it may be best to get some help.  Migrating and mapping data is tricky and glitchy.  There are pretty much almost always problems, even for seasoned professionals.  The difference is, a seasoned computer technician with exchange server experience and Office 365 training is better equipped to troubleshoot and correct the problems that inevitably arise, than someone trying something like this for the first time.

And then there is the user experience to think about.  User training goes a long way during switch over projects like this.  People get used to doing things by rote. Switching to an updated platform is great for business, but it can wreak havoc on team morale if all of a sudden, doing things by rote isn’t an option anymore.  Your team can become frustrated, scared and angry if upcoming changes and user expectations are not properly addressed, and if some training and handholding isn’t provided.  Make sure you have advised the team of changes, prepared to show them how common tasks will now be different, or how to access their files.

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