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The latest threat in our digital landscape concerns Microsoft Teams.

There are now reported instances of phishing attacks through the Teams Chat, predominantly carried out by external users.

Bad actors meticulously exploit the platform to send dubious links or attachments to Teams users, requesting the recipient’s credentials, or even installing malicious software on the recipient’s device. 

The threat is more potent when the communication appears to come from a known contact or client.

Who does this Microsoft Teams threat impact?

All Microsoft Teams users should be aware, as they may be impacted by this new phishing vector.

Microsoft Teams phishing screenshot

We recommend these best practices to help protect you from this new Microsoft Teams phishing threat:

  • Do not click on any suspicious links or download files received from external Teams chat.
  • If a message seems out of context or a request seems odd, cross-verify the information through other means of communication (like a phone call) with the person you’ve received the message from.
  • Be cautious of Teams chat messages that request sensitive information, such as password and banking details. These are likely phishing attempts.
  • Reboot your PC regularly to install system and software updates to ensure your security protocols are up-to-date.
  • Inform your local IT services provider swiftly if you suspect you have clicked on a suspicious link. Provide a screenshot of the original message so that they can help you faster.


By staying vigilant and following the above precautions, we can ensure a secure digital workplace for everyone.

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