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Good Network Support Services…

Good network support services will connect your business for success, promote productivity and collaboration across your team, and better protect you from cyber threats. TUCU has been building computer networks and delivering small business IT solutions since 2003.  How can we help you?

One Time Project

Would you like help with a specific project? Our trained technicians are here to help you with any network setup, upgrade or change. Talk to us today about your needs and receive your personalized project estimate.

Ongoing Network Support

Would you like to delegate your network management to trained IT Professionals? Managed IT Services are just what you need. With unlimited support for your team + better network management, all you have to do is email us to get started.

Get The Help You Need

Network Setup:  Start smart.  Have your network setup correctly and securely.  Talk to our network architects today.

Network Changes:  As your business grows, your needs change, and what may have served you until now, may no longer be enough.  Talk to our IT experts about IT upgrades and improvements to help your growing business compete and succeed.

Network Security Audits:  Your network is dynamic, always changing, sending and receiving data, and threatened by outside forces – which are also always changing. Threat prevention is the most effective IT measure your business can take.  Book a network security audit today and be sure to update every 2-3 years.

Network Management: The current IT landscape provides some compelling reasons to hire professional IT guidance. For the small business, carrying the cost of a trained, skilled IT security employee is too big a burden – outsourcing your network security and management eases that financial burden and provides you with the extra layers of protection you need.


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Our network architects have the expertise to plan, setup & manage your network. Call on us today.

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We hired TUCU for a general network audit to see how we might improve our IT systems.  They helped us switch to Office 365 for all our email and document storage with back up of our files, and it’s been great.  TUCU has returned to help us with other computer requests as well. We always find them to be quick, reliable and professional, and we’re happy to have found them.

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