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TUCU has been a 100% cloud and remote work company since 2013. We are well versed in cloud solutions for small business.

Intrusion Detection Systems are a software component on some firewalls. They are a layer of overall network security aimed at preventing unauthorized access. As an older solution, IDS is unable to view encrypted data. Since HTTPS, SSL certificates and data security became common, IDS solutions can only see and defend against a very small portion of network traffic.

Network firewalls help protect ports on your network.

IDS solutions help view and approve or deny unencrypted data travelling over your ports and network.

Both are layers of physical network security. Neither is a strong stand alone solution.

IT security solutions built with multiple layers are best practice. Each layer is finely tuned and better at catching specific threats. All layers working in tandem provide your best defense against cyber threats.

In the past, perimeter security worked alone, defending company network from the outside web and external threats.

Today, we know that approximately 30-40% of network security breaches are caused internally, both accidentally and intentionally.

We also know that over 70% of cyberthreats are fileless, can easily bypass antivirus software, and can spread laterally from one computer to another, or one email account to another.

Zero Trust Networking helps combat both external and internal security threats by assuming a breach will happen, and limiting the damage radius with security controls and policies on every device and account, not just at the firewall.

Protecting any IT system, including cloud accounts, requires layers of security working in tandem. Strong passwords, secure self hosted password managers and cyber awareness training for all staff are important strategies for protecting cloud accounts. 

Creating explicitly authorized devices and users (Identity Access Management) goes a long way to controlling who can access your company email accounts, and from what devices. 

CASB solutions are yet another powerful solution we deploy with some of our clients. Learn more here. 

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"When it became clear that we need to address our aging server issues, we turned to TUCU. As a dental office, our daily operations are reliant on our servers working well. ...TUCU took the time to understand the problems and give us options. ...Working with TUCU on our server project was great. Our team is thrilled with our lightning fast speed now! The work schedule was adhered to and the project was completed on time and on budget, and the team is always a pleasure to deal with. "
Dimitri Rodriguez
Practice Manager
"Adam & the TUCU team are amazing to work with. They are extremely knowledgable and responsive. I am very happy to have found them to be our ongoing IT support team. We can't recommend them enough. Thank you for all of your work!"
Ljana - Managed Security Services Client
Managing Director

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