TeslaCrypt Infections Targets Video Game and iTunes Files

TeslaCrypt Cryptolocker Virus Spreads Via Video Game & iTunes Files

A cryptolocker is a type of virus that takes your files hostage by encrypting them and demanding you pay a ransom to have them unlocked, and now, TeslaCrypt cryptolocker is making the rounds via popular video game and iTunes files.

TeslaCrypt Targets Include:

  • iTunes related files with 185 different file extensions targeted
  • Steam Games files
  • Skyrim related files
  • EA Sports files
  • single user games including but not limited to Call Of Duty, Star Craft 2, Diablo , Fallout 3, Resident Evil
  • online games including but not limited to World Of Warcraft, League Of Legends and Day Z

If you see this screen, you have been infected with TeslaCrypt.

TeslaCrypt screenshot

The Good News! There Is A TeslaCrypt Decryption Tool

The TeslaCrypt decryption is a command line utility.  Full technical details can be found on the TeslaCrypt blog post by Cisco.

Researchers and testers warn that the decryption tool is a test tool which is not officially supported and the user assumes all liability for the use of the tool.  As always, the best file loss prevention is tight computer and network security and to always back up all important files.

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