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Hemanshu Nigam On Network Security Mistakes To Avoid

We’re sharing this informative, 17-minute podcast on cyber threats and network security mistakes with Hemanshu Nigam of SSP Blue, a US based advisory firm for online safety and security.

Studies show that 70% of all business cyber attacks happen against small businesses.  You are not “too small” to be targeted.  Listen in or review the highlights below and be sure to update your network early in 2015.  And if you’re using Windows Server 2003 or 2008, make a note of the end of support dates below:

Windows Server 2008 main stream support ended on January 13, 2015. Currently, support from Microsoft exists for a fee.

Windows Server 2003 extended support is ending on July 14, 2015. That means no support will be provided beyond that date.

Network Security Mistakes – Take Away Points

At the 8:03 mark, when asked what are the top mistakes that contribute to network attacks, Hemanshu’s first answer addresses how business owners invest (or fail to invest) in their business.  He stated that businesses will spend their dollars on marketing or business opportunities, without allotting money to network security and he cites this as a primary, high level mistake.  You can avoid this mistake.  Audit your network today.

At the 09:10 mark, Hemanshu talks about business managers taking a short term view on network security, and not allowing their IT departments or tech support companies to bring down the network for maintenance or security updates.  You can avoid this mistake and take a long term view.  Have your network security updates down today. 

At 13:30 the interviewer asks about what individual users can do to keep the entire network safe.  Listen and see if you too are guilty of the simple way you open yourself and your entire network up to risk.  

At 14:30 Hemanshu talks about IT system upgrades. Newer systems built by better informed engineers are a wise investment in your computer and network security. 

At 14:55 he talks about common sense tips, similar to tips we share to our users via our email newsletters regularly.  Sign up here

Business Lost As A Result Of Poor Data & Network Security Practices

At 16:10, Hemanshu talks about how Microsoft uses data security as a business opportunity, and how you should consider data security a business opportunity as well.  Let’s talk real world examples of local small businesses who lost out due to poor security practices.

I can tell you how a local massage clinic lost my monthly business because of the way my credit card information was stored.  My business is now going elsewhere, due to poor data security practices.  And so are all my referrals. 

I can also tell you about 4 businesses who called us in because they had their entire networks infected by a Crypto locker virus due to poor network security.  Customer data was exposed.  Another small clinic owner almost lost all her files and client records from her server due to a complete lack of network security and a virus on the server.  

I can tell you about 2 separate companies who suffered damage from internal sabotage- employees accessing, stealing and selling company data to competitors.

I can tell you about companies who lost bids for large projects because their network security practices did not meet the minimum expectations from the vendors posting the job opportunity.

Microsoft also conducted research that revealed that 61% of consumers are more likely to choose your competitor if you are using software or operating systems just 5-10 years old.  

Your security practices and IT systems should be up to date and protected.  If your team has poor habits or limited tech security knowledge, then hire a knowledgeable tech support company.  Make 2015 safer for your business and for your customers by updating your network and security practices.  Make it a top level priority, and something you review regularly to avoid the top network security mistakes Mr. Nigam covered in his podcast. 

Network Support Services in Toronto

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