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Fake Windows 10 Upgrade Link Leads To CTB Locker Ransomware

Fake Windows 10 Upgrade Installs Ransomware

Pro Tip: Only Upgrade From Your Operating System

Cisco detected and reported on a phishing email in circulation that prompts users to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. The problem is, the email leads you to download a ransomware virus called CTB Locker.

CTB Locker will encrypt your files and demand you pay a ransom to receive a decryption key to unlock your files.

CTB Locker only gives you 96 hours to pay the ransom before your files are permanently deleted.

Now this particular phishing email isn’t as well done as some others, as it has some obvious language and grammar problems, however the colour scheme and some of it’s messaging are very similar to the real deal, so please be cautious.

The best course of action is to only install Windows 10 from the update Microsoft will push right to your operating system. An icon will appear near the clock on your device, and you can install it from there.

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