Canadian Data Breach Statistics

Canadian Data Breach Statistics & Small Business Network Security

Hello, I’m Zoe Tsoraklidis, I’m the Business Coordinator here at TUCU tech mates, and in this video I briefly talk about Canadian data breach statistics and small business network security. You can watch the video or read excerpts in the text below.

Small Business Network Security Breaches Not Always Reported

Breach Level Index is an online database that stores and shares information about network security breaches, and they reported that in 2014, in Canada, 57 incidents resulted in 276, 789 data records being stolen from government agencies, healthcare agencies and banks.

Security experts speculate that the actual number of data records stolen and network security breaches is actually much higher, because organizations are not obligated to report breaches. In particular there are concerns around the small business community.

In Canada, the definition of a small business is any organization with 1-500 employees and sales of $30,000 to $5,000,000 per year. As you can imagine, these companies store valuable client data.

Small Businesses And Data Safety

Small businesses are in fact being targeted by online hackers because they are known to not be investing in network security the way that they should be. It is also well known that small business organizations with under 20 employees generally do not have an in-house IT department or a full-time IT employee on staff, and so they tend to fall behind with server security updates and network security updates. They also tend not to invest in user security awareness and training.  So not only are their overall network defenses weaker, their users may be more likely to click or enable viruses that come through email attachments and web pages.

Small business network security breaches are of real concern not just to the organization storing data, but to us as the consumers who are sharing our data with these organizations. Are they storing it securely? And it’s not just data on servers and computers. What about payment data? PCI compliance is not yet mandatory across all credit card processing agencies. While TUCU is PCI compliant, not every small business is.  Are the companies you do business with managing your data securely?

If you are a small business owner you may or may not be up to date with your server and network security settings. If this is something you feel you need help with, please talk to us today. We’re easy to talk to and we’re here to help.