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Modern Network Security White Paper

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IT Security; Creating Heroes, Not Headaches

BitDefender is a proven IT security product that increases network security without unnecessary complexity.  We recommend BitDefender to our customers frequently.

Today, we’re sharing a white paper prepared by BitDefender titled IT Security: Creating Heroes Instead of Headaches (click to download the PDF).

Covered by this white paper are the following topics:

  1. Organizations using legacy (dated) security systems suffer from higher cost and increased network security risks.
  2. Modern IT security systems can become proactive and helpful to a business, rather than too slow, reactive systems – a topic we’ve covered before when we wrote about some of the benefits of managed IT services.
  3. While IT upgrades do require an investment on your behalf, too often, the cost of inaction is higher, especially with ever rising threats and successful breaches.

Network Security Reviews

Gain insight into your network health.  Whether you suspect a breach, have a virus, or are reviewing your critical systems, we can help.  We are TUCU, a Toronto IT Support Company For Small Business Teams.  We will simplify your path to better network security by helping you:

  • Cut the cost and complexity of your IT upgrade
  • Deploy new features and technologies easily and affordably
  • Keep systems healthy with advanced IT monitoring and patching
  • Keep your data safer
  • Respond to business needs faster

Get the help you need today by calling us to schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation or to schedule your deep dive network audit.

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