Network Security Auditing


IT Audits Are Recommended Every 3 Years

You take care of yourself with dental and doctor’s visits.  Your car is serviced regularly.  Your accountant reports on your business quarterly and annually.  Your IT network requires regular maintenance and review too.

Whether you suspect a network security breach or are reviewing your critical systems, we will review and audit your network in detail.

Your network security review provides you with a thorough audit of your network, complete with an action plan to close security gaps today and better plan for tomorrow.

Our auditing services are for small businesses with 5-50 computers and range from $299-$999.  Call 416-292-3300 to get started, or email us.

Audit My Network

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Your audit includes:

1〉 Network Audit
2〉 Current Network Diagram
3〉 Proposed Network Diagram
4〉 Written Recommendations Report
5〉 Purchasing Links – for equipment recommendations
6〉 A follow up consultation by phone to answer all your questions

Use the information to:

♦ do nothing
♦ shop for an IT provider to help you undertake IT improvements
♦ proceed with TUCU as your IT provider

Just $299-$999.

Schedule My Network Review

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Get Expert Help

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When you schedule your network security audit with TUCU, you will clearly understand the state of your network, and receive the information you need to make an informed decision about your IT improvements.

What To Expect:

1〉 You will receive a personalized quote & Service Agreement
2〉 You’ll receive a audit organizer to prepare for our visit
3〉 You’ll select a day for our visit (and can inform your team of our visit)
4〉 We’ll perform the audit and prepare your documentation
5〉 You’ll receive all your documentation in 3 – 5 business days
6〉 You can schedule a free phone consultation to go over your documentation

$299-$999 – Call 416-292-3300 or email for your personal quote.

Give Me The Insight I Need

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We hired TUCU for an independent Network Security Audit to help us gain insight into some concerns we had. We received a thorough written recommendations report from them that helped us undertake immediate upgrades and has us thinking about our future needs. TUCU worked well with our existing IT and software providers to get the job done. Working with them was painless, and as a result, it makes it easy to recommend them to anyone looking for network security support.

Arrange Your Audit

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