IT Audits Are Recommended Every 3 Years

Technology changes fast. So do cyber threats.  Your network needs attention.

Think about it; you visit the doctor every year, the dentist every 6 months, your car is serviced regularly, your accountant reports on business quarterly... your IT network requires maintenance, inspection and updating too.

IT Network Security Reviews For Small Business In Toronto

Whether you suspect a network security breach or are reviewing your critical systems with a fresh set of eyes, we can help.

Our network security review services are for small business with up to 50 computers.

Your network assessment provides you with a thorough audit of your network, complete with an action plan to close security gaps today and better plan for tomorrow.

$299/up to 5 users •  $499/up to 20 users • $799/ up to 50 users

Network Security Threats To Small Business

If you don’t think that your small business needs regular IT Security updates, you may be surprised to learn that small businesses are often targeted by cyber criminals, because it is well known that many small business owners fail to invest in adequate IT security measures.

Most Common Threats
The most common successful threats result from malware, phishing and software not being updated and exploited. Train your team.

Most Expensive Threats
The most expensive successful threats are employee fraud, network breaches and cyber espionage. Protect your network.

The Key Is To Limit Risk

With internal policies in place + perimeter defense, you can better protect your data, your reputation, and your business.

Hire An Expert To Gain Insight & Plan With Clarity.

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Your review includes:

  1. Our IT Consultant in your office for 3-5 hours to audit the network
  2. Your server will not be shut down- operations can continue.  Each team member will be displaced for 10-15 minutes, to have their workstation assessed.
  3. Security Assessment - user access control, password weakness, external port access, back door testing and vulnerability.
  4. List of failing / at risk equipment
  5. List of at risk dormant accounts
  6. List of security gaps that need to be closed
  7. Network Diagram
  8. Inventory of all computers and servers attached to the network at the time of audit
  9. Executive Summary Report for IT Planning for the next 3 months, 1 year and 5 years. 
  10. Purchasing Links – for any hardware/software recommendations made so you can buy direct from a third party vendor
  11. One hour phone consultation post report delivery to answer all your questions


Use the results to:

  • Understand your network & make informed decisions about your IT
  • Do nothing
  • Undertake changes on your own
  • Contract TUCU as your IT provider

$299/up to 5 users •  $499/up to 20 users • $799/ up to 50 users

What To Expect

We'll coordinate an audit date with you.

We'll advise you on what information we will need to complete your audit (e.g. a domain log in).

When we arrive, we'll be on site mapping and testing your network for 3-5 hours.  Your team can continue to work during this time. We will only interrupt each user for a 10-15 minute period.  We'll also interview key team members to discuss your challenges and needs.

We'll return to our offices to draft your network diagrams and reports. We'll send you a follow up questionnaire to help us finalize the reports.  You’ll receive all documentation within 5 business days. You can then schedule a free follow up phone consultation to review your results with an IT Consultant, ask questions, discuss options and choose how to proceed.

$299/up to 5 users •  $499/up to 20 users • $799/ up to 50 users

We hired TUCU for an independent Network Security Audit to help us gain insight into some concerns we had. We received a thorough written recommendations report from them that helped us undertake immediate upgrades and has us thinking about our future needs. TUCU worked well with our existing IT and software providers to get the job done. Working with them was painless, and as a result, it makes it easy to recommend them to anyone looking for network security support.

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