IT Network Management For Small Business in Toronto

How Do You Know If You Need Network Management Services?  Here are some tell tale signs.

♦ You’re frustrated with computer issues.
♦ You’ve had computer viruses.
♦ You’re not sure if your data backup is working, how to check it, or if you can actually recover from your backup.
♦ You don’t know about server or network management.

♦ You would benefit from more access to tech support and IT advice.
♦ You’re tired of waiting for computer help when you need it.
♦ You want to delegate your network security to someone who knows what they are doing.
♦ You want to hire help but you don’t have the budget to hire a trained IT employee.

Have IT Taken Care Of For One Fixed Fee

Shift all technology related work from your team to our skilled IT Technicians, with a monthly network support plan.  We act as an extension of your team, overseeing your IT, server, network, computers, backup and antivirus status. You get fast, friendly computer support when you need it. All for a fraction of the cost of adding an IT employee to your payroll.

Our Managed Advantage plan is a cost-effective IT strategy for your business of 5-50 employees.  You get:


Rapid Response

Average 1 hour response time during business hours, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.


Unlimited Support

Unlimited Computer Support for your team – software, email, network or printer connectivity issues +.


Done For You

Software & security updates done for you every week + an annual review of your IT systems.

PLUS, No Learning Curve.  You instantly gain certified computer technicians on your team to handle all security updates.

AND, No Long Term Contracts.  If your needs change, walk away any time with just 30 days notice.


Certification Icons - Microsoft Certified Partner in Toronto

10 / 10

“Best response, time quick service. Cost effective for small business like us.”

Delegate Your Network Management

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