Firewall Installation in Toronto

No firewall?

No firewall? Using free Windows Firewall? Or just antivirus software?

In today's IT landscape, you need a firewall.

Did you know that locally installed antivirus scanners are notorious for catching only a fraction of infections? Did you know they often miss Crypto malware?

Next generation Unified Threat Managed (UTM) firewalls are better because they are constantly validating inbound and outbound traffic on your IT network against a constantly updated list of known threats. They look for patterns and data that could signify infection or malicious intent.

UTM firewalls were listed as the #1 planned IT Security upgrade for 2016 in a survey of 1000 IT Professionals who are trained to understand network security. They were again a top priority for 2017 network security, and considered a requirement in 2018.

TUCU offers firewall installation and management in Toronto.

Firewall Installation Services

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TUCU offers complete network setup and management, including network firewall installation in Toronto.

We are vendor neutral. We will help you choose a good firewall for your business.

Your network firewall setup will be performed by our trained computer technicians.

You don’t have to worry about a thing – everything will be taken care of from start to finish.

After your installation, anytime you want additional network support, simply reach out to our friendly team for remote or on site computer support services as needed. Or, outsource your network management to our team of skilled technicians.