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Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows your IT manager or IT support company to remotely troubleshoot mobile devices and to enforce IT security policies such as screen locks and strong passwords.  MDM also allows for separation of personal and company owned data on mobile devices, and is considered a must have for any BYOD policy. Today we are looking at MDM on Office 365 and G Suite.

MDM in G Suite

Google develops it’s MDM with a preference for Android devices. While other devices are supported, there is more granular control on an Android device.

The highlighted feature with G Suite MDM is the work profile. Work profile allows you to partition the phone into two profiles with duplicate apps on each side – 1 side for personal use, 1 side for business use, and only the business use side touches company data.

In addition, in the event of a lost device of an employee leaving the company, the business use side can be remotely wiped by your IT manager without wiping the personal side of the phone.

MDM in Office 365

Microsoft allows their Outlook app installed on a smartphone to be viewed as a device itself. This allows the Outlook app installation to be treated like a partition on the device. Another way to think of it is the app becomes a virtual smartphone.

This virtual smartphone or partition is used to house a work profile which can be remotely wiped by the company. All personal information would remain intact.

Both Platforms

No physical IT infrastructure is required if you are on either a G Suite or Office 365 subscription. Mobile device management is included in each one of those cloud based subscriptions without any additional fees.

To use the mobile device management feature each smartphone simply needs to download the associated app and the IT administrator will setup and control the permissions and settings via the cloud console.

These apps and features are security compliance enforcement tools that enforce security settings such as screen locks and strong passwords.

Your IT manager or IT services provider can set up these services for you.

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